Special Orders question

Just out of shear curiosity, how much would a "simple" "time only + date" watch cost? :-)

Or do they only undertake special complications (perpetual, etc...)?

I can imagine the price would be astronomical...

It depends on what you want. If you want for example a
05/04/2007 - 19:01

Patrimony Contemporaine automatic but just with a different dial (ie blue dial, Breguet numerals etc..) and not change anything else it would be the cheapest solution. The price would be list price + a little extra for the unique dial (price would dependon what you want as a dial guilloché would be more expensive than a non gyulloché for example).

The same watch but with a different case size would be a bit more expensive and so on depending on the modifications.

VC accepts all tyes of commissions from a simple dial change to the 100% bespoke grande complication.

Re: It depends on what you want. If you want for example a
05/04/2007 - 19:31

Do you know where exactly one can go to order these? (list of towns in US or Europe?)

Only problem I see is that you can't get a discount, can you? :)

tsk tsk tsk Nico you didn't read the interview :-) You should contact
05/04/2007 - 19:44

Dominique Bernaz head of the Maison (his email is at the end of the interview)

I doubt you will get a discount on a unique VC but you can get VAT refund if you pick your watch up in Geneva :-)

I did read the interview!!
05/04/2007 - 21:42

But I thought you had to meet in person for this to happen, that's all.

LOL :-) Start by sending Dominique an email and take things from
05/05/2007 - 00:24

there. Keep us updated if you take the jump.