A special, very rare VC

A special, very rare VC

A special, very rare VC

A special, very rare VC

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I know several people who were very interested in the piece, but someone expert in these things raised some very interesting concerns about the originality of the piece - it was pointed out that the dial and bezel don't seem to be something VC would allow to leave from their factory (bezel doesn't cover enough area of the dial, leaving too much open area outside the railroad tracks); the lugs don't appear symmetric (but wear and refinishing over time could easily account for this); and the unusual aging pattern of the dial and sub-dials (though that could be explained by the lacquer enamel finish of the main dial)

I know you have ready access to the VC archives, Alex; any chance you can find some original archival pics of the piece as it left VC back in the day?

Anyway, a very beautiful and rare beauty, one that would be the pride of any VC collection.

Looks nice next to its "cousin" no? (remember that relative, Alex? A special, very rare VC )



Thomas, I never thought I would say this but
10/17/2007 - 23:10

I uploaded your photos . The system does not accept HTML so to upload you need to click on the "+" icon.

I spoke to VC about this piece and they had absolutely no reserves on it. Its a fantastic watch and I'm really curious to see what it goes for.

LOL! The world really does change...
10/18/2007 - 00:10

First, your photo taking now puts mine to shame; then you have to help me with my posting!  Man, I'm beginning to feel old...

That's great news, I know at least one person back in the hunt...

The movement condition is surprisingly nice; someone knew what they were doing...



Re: Thomas, I never thought I would say this but
10/18/2007 - 22:19

BTW, who's this Thomas guy?

Great to hace him back. Ok Doc fess-up and post your new baby. I just know in my heart that it belongs to him.

Whom-so-ever it belongs to please give us give us a wrist shot the next time "What are you wearing". Best, Miki

I can only imagine the surprise if actually someone
10/18/2007 - 22:52

shows that watch on the next scan day!!

I'll try to get some pics this weekend,
10/19/2007 - 00:48

of my new love


LOL :-) (nt)
10/19/2007 - 13:33


Re: A special, very rare VC
10/18/2007 - 10:53

Nice piece!! Sold yesterday by Christies: 457,000$

Hi Thomas!
10/19/2007 - 00:11

Wonderful watches and pics, even more wonderful to see the famous TM at HL

Feels very good for an one eyed collector as me,

who only can see a Vacheron&Constantin,

when you say the word watch !

Of course I still keep an eye at ThePuristS,

but this is truly challeging to concentrate on the one and only brand

TP has it's rock steady place, but HL attracts a lot of newbies,

and that's what we WIS really can't get enough of !

Nice seeing you


Hi, Doc, Miki,
10/19/2007 - 23:18

I consider Alex a very special friend and of course VC has a special place in my heart - as "the first" always does! (VC was my first "serious" watch, over 30 years ago)

Glad to see things are going well here, and wishing The Hour Lounge continued success!


I have more connections to The Purists than that! Don't forget that
10/20/2007 - 00:32

not only was I the first ever poster there but my wedding anniversary coincides with that of The Purists

Mio casa es tu casa (sorry for my more than rusty Spanish)

10/20/2007 - 10:19

Could have been Esperanto ! 



LOL! Yep, those were some pretty special times...
10/20/2007 - 23:04

funny how life develops, when old "enemies" can become friends and associates

But at least old friends can stay old friends, thank goodness.

Hey, we should do a combined anniversary celebration sometime!  (yeah, right, I'm sure your wife would love that, eh? 

(god I adore your smiley library!)

LOL! Love your Spanish, but I don't advise using it with Mr. Torres in formal meetings (hehehe)



This watch is so beautiful it makes me want to cry.....
10/19/2007 - 23:19

And pursuant to the messages Thomas & I exchanged @ PuristS, even with those magificent lugs, he promised not to drop tears into that stunning movement.