Straps and bracelets in the VC models

At a first sight, the theme above suggested, seems to be trivial. However, in my opinion, there are many reasons to use one or another type of leather strap or bracelet, the type of bracelet. Not only aesthetical but technical ones.
Re: Straps and bracelets in the VC models
02/04/2010 - 02:52
Next to the timepeice itself the strap/bracelet has always meant to be the most important accurtrament. I have owned straps from almost every watch-maker and every aftermarket specialist including ABP. That being said: I have found no better strap than Vacheron, especially when through their Concierge. I can only compare an OK strap to an OK shirt when worn with a bespoke suit. Just my 2 c's. Miki
There are certain straps which need to be specifically adapted such
02/04/2010 - 15:03
as the metal inserts for the Overseas but that's because the Overseas was born with the idea of only having a metal bracelet however I don't really see a technical decision behind the decision of a strap or bracelet. I may have missed a point in your post though