Stroke of lightning !!!

Yesterday it happened.
We live on the countryside.
A tremendous thunder and then everything black and your ears ringing!
I was watching TV.
I was 100% sure the house was hit and rushed around with my wife and daughter.
It had gone down 5 meters from our kitchen windows in my son's big birch.
He was not at home.
Stroke of lightning !!!

Stroke of lightning !!!

You can se part of my house inthe background.
About 12 long life (exspensive) lamps had gone.
Some electrical equipment - but not the PC and TV.
The protect system I recommended some weeks ago, apparently worked Stroke of lightning !!!

I had a new wake up lamp the wasn't cheap either.

Stroke of lightning !!!

Luckily my son's friend lives 1 km away and is as a child in this House and electrician (!) Stroke of lightning !!!
He fixed the most and then suddenly the other neighbours started asking for him,
so he had to help 3 people more!

Best of all nobody got physically hurt, but it's quite an extraordinary experience.

I have as child at two times experienced lightning strokes at this house. 
It's quite high compared with the surroundings and is built on the rock.
We have a lightning conductor but God knows if it helps...

So my quiet retired life is as you can see, full of action Stroke of lightning !!!
I never experienced a summer with so many sudden thunderstorms and often without warning. 
Yesterday we just heard a thunder quite far away and I said shut the computer. 
4 minutes later the lightning came Stroke of lightning !!!

A little bit shaky are all of us, I think.

Thank God you were all ok...
08/14/2009 - 21:08
Doc, I am so happy to hear that no one was hurt. God was watching over you all because you are a great family. The giant birch tree was definitely the target of the lightening, lightening loves trees. I hope everything works out with getting your electricity fully back. Best, Mike
Thank your lucky stars that nobody was hurt!
08/15/2009 - 07:19
Consider this a good omen for the family and your new grand-daughter!  BR, Dan
Found you a new name : Doc Storm
08/15/2009 - 12:10
All the best to you and your family, Berny
LOL ! nt
08/15/2009 - 14:04
Doc, glad to see.....................
08/18/2009 - 15:10
you're all right.......what a harrowing experience!   A few years ago the same thing happened to us.  Except the lightening on it's way to the huge white pine that stood next to our house hit the roof cap and sent some shingles flying.  My beloved 100 ft pine was dead as well....bark everywhere!  Unfortunately, I bet the birch will go too! All the Best, Tom