Stumbled on a pic of the real guys!

2005 it was,

no names, but sure,

the nicest guys of them all Stumbled on a pic of the real guys!

Stumbled on a pic of the real guys!


I recognize a Jubile 1755 and philippe Dufour :-) (nt)
06/11/2007 - 23:48


It's not only a Jubile 1755...
06/12/2007 - 06:39
but Doc's resolution is so high that I can tell that it is YG number 133! :-) That was a great day for me: the drive, the company, and meeting Philippe Dufour. Bill
LOL !!
06/12/2007 - 13:50

Damned good camera

Yes, it was one of the most memorable trips I think any of us have done !

How we kept driving by his house, at least three times,

and the wiev over the lake, rember !

See you soon I hope,

I think it's important my dear friend


"nicest guys of them all"?
06/12/2007 - 01:16

and i'm not on the picture?

Just ask Alex, i'm the nicest guy!!!

Nice to see some familiar faces.


06/12/2007 - 01:38

you got to be there ,

I always miss you,

come on, let's make it

And I was in Paris a month ago....

But were where you ?

Yours ever


Maybe nice but not much of a head! How can 4 healthy looking men
06/12/2007 - 12:34

go visit Dufour and not order a Simlplicity???!!!

Because there is always a thin haired,
06/12/2007 - 13:54

rotten guy I know,

who always has been there,

at least one year before and already got one !

And this keep on repeating wherever you comes

That's a good reason for those nice gentlemen to step over