Swatch Group CEO Nicolas Hayek passes away

Nicolas Hayek the CEO of Swatch Group and the savior of the Swiss watch industry in the 80s passed away in his offices yesterday at the age of 82.

On a personnal note Mr. Hayek is in a way responsible not only for starting the watch bug but even my professional careers. When I was 12-13 I had a couple of Swatches and often traded them for other Swatches belonging to friends and this was probably the premise of the collecting bug. More surprisingly whan I had finished law school  I wanted to work in M&A but at one of the interviews the person I was to work for was wearing a Breguet Tourbillon and I was so mesmerized by the watch and for me working so close to such a dream piece was the greatest incentive possible so I accepted the job offer and became specialised in banking and financing!!!

Swatch Group CEO Nicolas Hayek passes away
Re: Swatch Group CEO Nicolas Hayek passes away
06/29/2010 - 13:25
RIP But what a great way to go, in an instant, living your passion! Condolences to his family and to those who knew him.
visionary mind
06/29/2010 - 14:47
and great businessman. Teh watchmaking world would be a very different place without his vision, for sure.
a sad day for the watch industry, my condolences to his family and
06/29/2010 - 18:25
Chapeaux bas, Messieurs.
06/29/2010 - 19:53
We will miss this great caracter.
06/30/2010 - 10:47
he will not be forgotten,rest in peace he shall.
He was a man. RIP. nt
06/30/2010 - 20:03