tarnished appearance


Writing about my white gold Malte dual time. Watch case has taken on a "tarnished" appearance. Having never owned a gold watch before I don't know if this is to be expected or have I done something wrong in the care of the watch.the watches routine is as follows:

I ware and enjoy the watch every day (office or casual/social occasions only). At end of day it is placed in a felt lined box.

For cleaning I use Veraet's (www.veraet.com) spray,there soft brush,drying cloth. I also sometimes use 91 percent alcohol and q tips when the weather is hot and humid. I am always carful around the crown, date changing port and leather strap. I clean the watch about once a week,more often in summer.

thanks for any thoughts from the forum.

kind regards,

Nicholas Christie

Sorry to hear this Nicholas
05/09/2014 - 01:03

I believe the Dual Time Regulator was made when VC still used a Rhodium coating over WG cases ( this coating is only used in WG).  VC's current WG formulation does not need and does not use a Rhodium coating.

The Veraet and alcohol are having cemical reactions with the coating.

I never use any type of cleaning agent on my gold watches, but I use a lint free cloth to wipe down my wayches every time I take them off.  That seems to be good enough for me.


BR, Dan

Re: Sorry to hear this Nicholas
05/09/2014 - 01:39

Thank you Dan for your information. If i may ask, would having the case polished remove the very light "tarnish" or is it a

must to have the watch re-Rhodium coated. I see that you are from China, my wife is also Chinese. We just got back a few weeks ago visiting

her family (Beijing), i already miss her mothers cooking.

all the best,


Can you provide a picture of the watch?
05/09/2014 - 12:02

So that we can see the amount of tarnish you are experiencing?

VC can polish the case and re-apply the rhodium coating (which I believe is required).  But depending on how old your watch is, and if it needs any other servcing...I don't know if you want to send it in yet.

I am not originally from Beijing, but my wife is...so we have more than a love of VC watches in common!  yessmiley

Best Regards, Dan

Re: Can you provide a picture of the watch?
05/11/2014 - 05:06


Tarnish on the watch is very lite, only visible in certain light conditions, will not show up in pictures. I bought the watch from VC Aug 2012.

I understand that you use a soft microfiber cloth , May i ask what you do about dirt and body oils on your watch.

I am thinking of two road to take, send watch to VC to re-apply rhodium and polishing; or wait for the 5 year service and have it done then.

thank you for your thoughts,




Hi Nick, I just got back to the online world
05/18/2014 - 20:18

and saw your question.

At least for me, if I wipe my watch every night when I take it off...the oils and dirt come off with the lint-free cloth.  I just have a lot of these clothes and wash them regularly.


Best Regards, Dan