Technical question re. setting time

I've got a Ref 6394 with a K1072 cal. While it works to perfection, it doesn't have a hacking seconds for setting time accurately. Having said that, I have once or twice found that I could get the second hand to effectively hack by pulling out crown and turning anti-clockwise. I have avoided doing this as I thought it likely to be a bad idea, liable to damage the movement etc. The other day, though, I came across a VC watch in a reference book (Schiffer, worth a post in itself) - a 1950's watch with a cal P1007/BX movement. The brief description of the watch says, '...Second stopped by crown (stoppable balance).' Can anyone shed any light on this?
Re: Technical question re. setting time
10/08/2011 - 00:09
Hi Edu, I have a ref 6782 with cal 1072/1 (the version with a gyromax balance).  My watch does not have hacking seconds either.  Dean (Tick-Talk) has owned both this watch and the ref 6694, "Batman" / Chronometre Royale.  His CR also uses a cal 1027/1, but for the CR - it has a hacking seconds hand. I was surprised when I heard this, because I figured this type of difference would justify a different cal. # designation (maybe a /2 or something). As far as the older, manual cal 1007/BS and 1008/BS - they had a special lever that stopped the balance - making it a hacking seconds model.  I believe this cal. may be the first watch for civilian use that has a hacking seconds function. BR, Dan