Thank you for the invitation to The Hour Lounge Alex.

I am honored to be able to have the privilege of posting here. Although I don't have a Vacheron yet, I look forward to participating in this forum in hopes that, one day, I will be able decide on which model will best suit me.

It's with great enthusiam when I say, I look forward to interacting with you all!

Warm regards,

- Seize

Heartly wellcome Seize!
04/25/2007 - 22:32

Very nice of you to join us!

I'm sure it want be long, before you proudly present a VC!

It doesn't have to be exspensive, my first one was definitely not.

But the feeling of being part of the longest horology history,

you can only get one way :-)

So please, sit down and chat with us!



Welcome Seize, long time no see! I'm sure you'll enjoy the nice
04/26/2007 - 11:47

community created here on The Hour Lounge. Looking forward in reading your posts.