Thoughts about dials.

Depending on some of the questions below,

I feel I have to write my thoughts down here.

The habit of starting to give messages, like automatic,

and others started in the late 40s and exploded in 50s and 60s.

Automatic and shockproof where the most common,

but alarm, chronograph etc etc, were added.

Thinking and looking back, as I doesThoughts about dials., which you notice,

it never was written, second hand, small seconds etc earlierThoughts about dials.

The new things just appeared and was there.

That was unnecessary, as the buyer knew what was inside,

and other people hadn't the slightest possibility to read it !

Think for yourself, how difficult it is to see what brrand people are wearing,

when you meet them, see them on a reastaurant, street or on TV !

At Purists at WatchRap there used to be at least 1-2 questions a week,

were people wondered, what a celebrity had worn at that or that occasion Thoughts about dials.

The only thing that really shows, is a big hole in the dial,

then all can see it's ( probably ) a tourbillon,

which some loves and I hate, but you can still not say in real life,

what kind of brand.

But if you see this you know immedeately what kind of BRAND Thoughts about dials.

Thoughts about dials.

Thats smart and still understated Thoughts about dials.


Amen to that Doc, talking about holes in dials how about holes in
02/02/2008 - 13:29


scan courtesy of Jaw

THAT HOLE, I love, but
02/02/2008 - 16:55

that VC pocket, has the hole on the backside,

and I will remeber that it was made,

38 years after the movement was made ! 

Anyhow I must give PP credit for,

showing tourbillons at the backside,

or not at all,

or maybe only by the little diamond. That's class,

I have to admitt even if it's PP


that's one thing we will never agree on. I love
02/02/2008 - 17:27

that hole in the front and looking at the tourbillon cage tirning is just mesmerizing!

The problem is that many brands have small dinky tourbillon cages but when you have a nice oversized cage its a true pleasure to behold.

very well put, Doc
02/02/2008 - 14:38
the buckle is unmistakeable ;-))) not to mention the V&C dials :D
damn right and double right with the tourbillon too!!
02/02/2008 - 18:20

Well said Doc!

And I agree fully with you on the tourbillon issue. I give it to PP for not following the aweful trend of "overpriced crappy tourbillons visible through the dial, which won't work anymore in 10 years just to sell a timepiece very expensively"....

Of course I am not talking about the genuine houses doing that, but still, I would rather treat my watch as a temple: keep the tourbillon on the inside for only the teur bielivers to see...

Re: Thoughts about dials.
02/02/2008 - 19:54

With all due respect,

I don't think too many people will see the buckle unless you're wearing your watch on the inside of your wrist, so that the buckle is on the outside.

Even then, unless one is familiar with the Maltese Cross as VC's logo, its not going to mean very much to most people, unless they are curious enough to ask about its design or significance. Those that will recognize it immediately will not likely require an explanation.

As far as tourbillons are concerned, when I decided which to one to buy, the short list was Breguet and Vacheron and ultimately Vacheron won out; not because I thought it was better done. Some of Breguet's tourbillons are very lovely and indeed there is the historical connection. Practically, they are of no value. I chose VC quite simply because of its sentimental value and my respect for the craftsmanship and excellence of their watches.

The VC tonneau tourbillon is large, wonderfully executed and a real joy to watch. One can see almost the entire movement at work and that does provide some sort of be able to see such a magnificent example of engineering and art combined so flawlessly.

As far as a hole in the dial is concerned, there are many watches out there that have holes in the dial, some cheap and others much more respectable. The Zenith Chronomaster Open comes to mind. Its quite a dramatic piece, not a tourbillon, but does afford a wonderful opportunity to see a movement at work. And its not all that expensive.

I think (IMVHO) that all collectors should have one watch with a whole in the dial, whether tourbillon or not. The reason is simply to be able to see the art and science of watchmaking working right in front of your eyes. A display back is good also but not quite as good.

Just some personal thoughts.



Maybe I'm being snobish but other than a
02/02/2008 - 20:03

tourbillon I can't really understand a hole in the dial.

Maybe because more often than not what is shown is not very well finished or at least not well enough to make you want to look at it.

There are many brands who offer an open view on the escapments or even some chonos where the colum wheel is placed on the dial side and a hole cut to see it but often the finish is less than pleasing and the designs rather gaudy. Just my 2c... 

my post also applies to all these watches with saphire crystal
02/02/2008 - 21:00

backs whereas the movements would be better off hidden  

Re: Maybe I'm being snobish but other than a
02/03/2008 - 00:23

I agree with you for the most part, Alex.

But the watch I was refering to has the El Primero movement which some say, is one of the best Chrono movements made.

It certainly looks well finished and is quite pleasant to watch especially with a loop where much is very visible through the 2 overlapping openings.

But chaqu'un a son gout.

There are many things, interesting and varied to discover and enjoy in life. One should always maintain a open sense of interested curiosity.

Best Wishes,


Re: Re: Maybe I'm being snobish but other than a
02/03/2008 - 02:18

Oops, I meant "loupe" not "loop"


I can see your point but its a question of price and honesty. When
02/03/2008 - 10:05

a brand decides to punch a hole in the dial to show the balance at a rather affordable price and a finishing which goes with that price (take Frederic Constant for ex) and even though I'm not a fan I can understand that some can be attractd to it. But when you put a rather high price tag on your watch I would expect a bit more attention to the finish of what you're showing. 

I'm a fan of the holes to show the nice tourbilon...
02/03/2008 - 14:26

I guess I'm with Alex and JB... IMO it's real eye candy to be able to see the ever turning tourbillon cage, for me it has a lot of sentimental worth. I don't think I could get tired of looking at the Malte Tonneau Tourbillon...

When one pays so much money for a movement, it is nice to be able to appreciate it

Once again, pocket watches :-)
02/04/2008 - 19:15

Then you dont need sapphire glass, holes and you see a full scale movement,

with nothing between the eye and object

There is no better way, in my eyes (rather old),

to enjoy a watch movement

I whish that everyone of you should have at least one,

Vacheron&Constantin pocket watch



02/04/2008 - 20:40

...cheers Doc for such a lovely picture! The watch movement is awesome!!!