Timekeeping accuracy

Just bought my first VC - Overseas Chrono with the blue face - not invting comments as I liked it.My problem is that after a short while I realised it was running fast.

I took it to the dealer who helped set the time (just in case I had done something stupid!) and I took it away to monitor it for a week - when I returned 6 days later it was a full minute fast.

He mentioned to me that there was some form of calibration in the watch a dial set to positive or negative that would resolve the issue and in any case said that i should expect the watch to be between 2 minutes fast or 6 minutes slow. I've set the watch to the agent through that dealer but wanted to validate if anyone else had had this experience? I was surprised that they wanted to keep the watch for a full two to three weeks to check the accuracy and wasnt happy as you can expect to have bought a watch that needed to be calibrated or fixed or monitored to make sure its adequate.

Again any insights from the experts out there would be welcomed.
LOL, I think the blue face chrono
02/28/2013 - 16:55
is mechanically the same as any other wink.  Every watch has a regulator mechanism to fine-tune its rate and, FWIW, VC has a practice of avoiding "fast" adjustments from the factory.  Your deviation of one minute in six days is not unreasonable IMHO.  In fact, it's within COSC chronometer specifications which allows a deviation of 10sec/day.
Re: LOL, I think the blue face chrono
02/28/2013 - 17:33
Thanks Tick Talk - so that validates there is a possibility of adjustment, or are you saying its within standards so likely not to get resolved - I suppose my issue is I might have to spend a couple of weeks without my new loved one only to find it is returned with the same issue still outstanding!! In which case I might as well just get over it adjust the damn thing every week and pretend everything is ok (even though a small part of me will be dying inside knowing that others have a more accurate timepiece than me).......
What timepieces are more accurate?
02/28/2013 - 17:51
Whoa, I'm interested in knowing which other automatic chronographs are, on average, more accurate?  I should correct that COSC requires a chronometer be no more than 6 seconds "fast" per day.  Although yours is not a chronometer, I know VC could adjust it to COSC specs so you can hope to recover 4 sec/day or better.  Realize that much of a mechanical watch's accuracy is also dependant on position and mainspring tension, but I think you may be fixated on an issue that is common.
COSC ones, I'm afraid.
03/01/2013 - 10:07
Regardless of what "could" be done with various movements, in modern watches I have consistently found the best timekeeping results to come from watches that have actually gone through COSC certification. I would like to see Vacheron should go back to making an Overseas Chronometer.
Even if you're not inviting comments on your watch please allow me to
02/28/2013 - 19:36
say that its a damn good looking watch congratsyes A minute fast per week is within the new Geneva Seal standards but if it really bugs you, you can have a atchmaker fine tune it even more but then again you will gain maybe 10-15 seconds. I'm not sure I understand the calibration on the dial part
Calibre 1137 adjustments
02/28/2013 - 23:20
Alex, I believe he is refering to the worm gear on the balance assembly used to fine-regulate the movement...
Re: Even if you're not inviting comments on your watch please allow me to
04/30/2014 - 06:16
I have the same issue, with a 49150 blue face I got two months ago. It's running fast. Funny thing is, I had a Patek 5146g for a few years and that never had that problem. Is the Patek movement so much better than the VC?
The answer is quartz!
03/01/2013 - 23:14
For one year this 'Polar' traning watch, which measure puls, distance and God knows what, but also time, I had it when I was running 3-5 times a week. -10〫C to + 30〫C and then it lay on the shelf for the next time I should run. After one year It's true, I can't find the pic from one year before, but ask Alex if you don't believe me! He seen the other pic in an old post at ThePuristS smiley It's quite fantastic, no it's fantastic, not a second lost in one year!! And don't forget as many watch people do, that it was the Swiss who invented the quartz. If I should be honest, I think a quart is a better watch than any mechanical watch! But we love the whole mechanical thing, so we have to suffer angry God how much trouble I have had with exclusive and brand new watches, from  V&C, GP, AP, Rolex etc. I just put this on today since this my 'work horse' the last weeks have been going one minute to slow and my other 'work horse' only follows time perfectly on the winder, not on the wrist smiley This bought 1979, still keeps perfect time The best advice for any mechanical watch is to use day after day after day.... This I bought new and used perhaps 20 times, after 10 times the main spring broke, got a new on guarantee, but after been in the safe for a year or two, I used it 10 times more and now it's lying with a broken mainspring! I will never buy a selfwinding modern watch again.Only a manual traditional movement - and use it! All my old Art Deco V&C's like this can be idle for a year and than I wind and use them, and since I got most pw's they are of course seldom winded. Alex, how comes?? Cheers Doc