Today it arrived a van from DHL!

Inside a gift from Alex!
Thanks my friend, I will soon use it, since it's already been 10 days of
early summer.
We never have had an Easter like this one. Yesterday it was 21,5 C degrees in the shadow.
Everything is green, the birches normally use to begin first week in May!
But the water is so cold, +4C degrees, which means that IF you should jump in,
you can't have a woman in the distance of a mile, when you comes up.
It wouldn't be visible..... Today it arrived a van from DHL!

Some pics of what must be the worlds most beautiful towel, EVER Today it arrived a van from DHL!

Today it arrived a van from DHL!

First in a separate towel bag, incredible, I would have been proud of that!

Today it arrived a van from DHL!

Now I must hide it somewhere, before my kids comes home and see it,
because then it will soon disappear...Today it arrived a van from DHL!

Thanks again my friend Alex, also for the fine words, which makes me blush still when I read them.
So if you will see the motivation, it's at the result of the latest 'Alex Competition' in end of March.

I'm working hard at the stock market now, with a certain aim, Today it arrived a van from DHL!


definite style on your yacht :-) so what is on your list when you
04/26/2011 - 20:57
hit the jackpot on the markets?
Same as I decided when you showed the prototype. Americane 1921!
04/27/2011 - 00:29
And the same as I beieve respo has, if my memory doesn't fool me Correct respo? It's as long as I can go for a new watch. Still it's vintage, the most beautiful VC made during my time as aficionado. The only mnus, that held me back so far, is the size, but now I waited so long and it wont come any smaller. It's a pity they use Dom's wrist as teststing wrist. Of course exactly like this. RG. Congrats respo Cheers Doc
Thanks for remembering, Doc
04/27/2011 - 22:14
Yes, and that is a lovely photo of the American 1921 -- I still get a thrill every time I see a photo or put it on.  I attended a VC event in NY a couple of weeks ago with the American on, and I, or rather my wrist, was very popular.  Congrats again on the towel.  VC does the best "accessories," of which I have gathered already a modest collection -- still a few more items on the list.  Best, respo
I am as happy for you as if...
04/26/2011 - 22:40 had received a watch.  That probably is the best beach towel in the world.   Best, respo
Doc gets wrapped-up in the stock market!....
04/27/2011 - 00:40
Doc - Well, it was certainly worth waiting for - and thoroughly deserved! With all good wishes Tony
Enjoy the events this year that will use the towel Doc!
04/27/2011 - 14:21
And as with everything else in your life, best of luck with the stock market. BR, Dan
Nice Doc, now that is a classy towel! (nt)
04/27/2011 - 19:13
04/27/2011 - 23:35
Doc, your description of the body's reaction to cold water reminds me of a Seinfeld you get that TV show? My kids brought home an interesting phrase from Australia... I hope you have an appropriate "budgie smuggler" to wear at the beach?  We used to call them speedos
Thanks Alex, and even more all you, my friends!
04/29/2011 - 02:07
It's THE sign of this unique place, the genuine joy other fellows feels with you! Cheers Doc