Tomorrow May 8 we celebrate the end of WW2 and to mark this

special day here is a VC (ref 4072) made in 1945, the year the war ended.

Tomorrow May 8 we celebrate the end of WW2 and to mark this

drop dead gorgeous
05/07/2008 - 19:55

As a neutral country during WWII....
05/07/2008 - 20:19

how do the Swiss view the war now?  I've always wondered what is taught in European history classes about the Swiss role during that terrible event.  On our side, we were taught that the Swiss banks provided currency exchange for the Germans to facilitate their purchase of war goods.  We also were told that Swiss industry provided materials to the Germans and thus were spared from air raids and invasion.

FWIW I'm of German heritage, via Russia.  Those of my family that didn't leave before Stalin ended up in Siberia.  I'm amazed at the level of denial over Nazism and how much Germany tolerated their war criminals afterwards.

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I think one should not be too quick to point a finger since
05/07/2008 - 22:44

very few countries (at least in Europe) came out of the war completely clean

 PS: Just to be clear, I'm not Swiss

Re: I think one should not be too quick to point a finger since
05/08/2008 - 01:19

Sorry Alex, if it sounds like I'm pointing fingers.  Not my intent...I was wondering how the last world war affects Swiss society today?  In Canada, war memorials are very low key so I was surprised by your reference to the war in this post, which led to my question. 

I'm curious if the "facts" passed out in our history classes was stereotypical or overly simplistic?  Perhaps this is too sensitive a topic or my approach is too clumsy.  Nevertheless, with world-wide participation on this forum, an opportunity for dialogue on such important matters is hard to resist.

I can't really comment on the Swiss society as I have not been
05/08/2008 - 01:52

educated there and do not live there so maybe a Swiss Lounger can step in.

However in mainland Europe this is a very important moment (the end of WW1 on Nov 11 is also celebrated), there are different events and celebrations in honor of the soldiers who fought and those who suffered. May 8 is in fact a national holiday in many European countries.

Even though WW2 ended over 60 years ago many have parents and grandparents who actually lived during that period and the memory is still quite alive. Let's not for get that one of the main reasons behind the creation of the EEC (now the EU) was to avoit yet another war where Europe would tear itself apart.

As a non European but living here I can tell you the memory is still quite alive, one issue which is hard to erase is that many (governments, officials or just ordinary people) collaborated with the Nazis during the occupation of their teritory that's what I meant when I said few came out of the war "clean".

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05/07/2008 - 21:51

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05/07/2008 - 22:08

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05/07/2008 - 22:48


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05/08/2008 - 05:09


I don't know whether I am biased.
05/08/2008 - 10:27

Why can't today's VC make such a nice watch?

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WWII-to digress-a bit of an interesting stroy....
05/08/2008 - 19:50

As a bit of a history buff I decided several years a go to ask some of my uncles, and one aunt (ferried aircraft to Europe) about their personal experiences. None of them really liked to talk about it but after a single malt or two I did get some fascinating stories. One interesting story was from my father-in-law, now 86, who served as an engineer with the US Army on Tinian staging for what they all knew would be the costly invasion of Japan. I asked him how wild the celebration was at the end of the war in August of '45. Funny thing was no one told the troops the war was over for two weeks. The only way they had an inkling that Japan had surrendered was because the daily work orders had "day off" written on them for several days in a row.

Hope I didn't bore you,


! (nt)
05/09/2008 - 00:40


Re: ! (nt)
05/09/2008 - 04:18


Was that inappropriate? If so, I apologize.


oh no not at all, I was just commenting on burlesque situation :-)
05/09/2008 - 11:11


A necessary deception...
05/09/2008 - 18:49

which was, I believe, to prevent the troops from demanding to return home immediately.

Thanks Alex...
05/10/2008 - 16:38 you have a color picture of this nice watch please?