Total Beginner With VC

Inhertied two V&C's from my father a few years back.  I have a wrist watch my father inherited from his father who inhertied from his father.  And I have a pocket watch with a similar storey.  

The pocket watch has some engraving on the back, which seems standard for the pocketwatches, but also appears to have a latin inscription Honor Dominos Veritas.  Some quick gooleing leads me to beleive this is between a 1905 and 1910 pocket watch.  How can I find the model number, looking for the value of it as well as I really have no interest in watches beyond wrist watches. 

Some help on model number (where to look) would be awsome!
Regarding your wrist watch please post scans and
10/06/2013 - 20:19
provide case and movement numbers. As for the pocket watch we don't provide valuations here so you may want to contact an auction house