traded in the old Daytona and picked up this today

I had went to a dinner about 2 weeks ago and Vacheron was there. I was discussing what else "watches" with Russell from Vacheron and he asked me if I had seen a picture of a new LE OS chrono coming out. I told him I did not but saw some posts on the hour lounge about one coming out with a strap. Well he showed me a picture of this watch (see pics) and fell for it right away. Black dial red lettering (sound familar) with a black strap with red stitching. He also told me my local AD was getting one in soon. My local AD was the host of this dinner so I just about tackled him and asked if anyone had claimed this watch yet? He said no but was thinking about keeping it for himself, then asked if I would be interested...silly question.

I just picked it up today and it fits and wears like an old glove

traded in the old Daytona and picked up this today

traded in the old Daytona and picked up this today

traded in the old Daytona and picked up this today

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this is a follow-up on the Engine LE for the Japanese market...
12/06/2007 - 23:45

leather strap finally!!!

Re: this is a follow-up on the Engine LE for the Japanese market...
12/06/2007 - 23:47

Hi Radek, do you have a picture of the LE for the Japaneese market, was the dial the same?


oops, I make a mistake, thanks Kazumi...
12/07/2007 - 07:24

I was a little asleep and tired yesterday

Re: traded in the old Daytona and picked up this today
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I am in love!! And I thought the OS Chronometer was a beauty...this is something else...will the chronometer also come with strap or will it only be as Chronograph? I am in!

Re: Re: traded in the old Daytona and picked up this today
12/07/2007 - 00:12

Xerxes, Good question I really don't know. This particular watch is a LE of 100 pieces where it goes from there is a guess, but I would be very surprised if they didn't have a OS chronograph and chronometer with a strap. This one came with 2 straps a leather one and a rubber one very cool.


Re: Re: Re: traded in the old Daytona and picked up this today
12/07/2007 - 00:20

I'd love to see it with rubber band as well....100 pieces you say...I presume the pricing is set accordingly too...

Its a VERY VERY VERY nice one!!

Congrats on the great purchase!!


I think that sooner than later straps will be available for the
12/07/2007 - 11:31

regular production Overseas models

Can you get a picture of the rubber strap as well? And the buckle? nt
12/07/2007 - 11:34

I love it!
12/07/2007 - 00:55

Wear it in good health!

Royal Oak, be very scared !!
12/07/2007 - 01:02

Hi JohnLy,

Wanna trade gloves?

First of all congratulations on being one of the first owners of such a sharp looking piece.

I think VC took long enough to come out with this much sought after iteration.  I am glad that it seems to be worth the wait.  Hopefully (and I presume), there will be a regular model out.  With the rubber strap option, the watch can be worn all year round.  Would like to see the design of the rubber strap though.

Again, congratulations and thanks for sharing.  I hope to see more detailed scans and feedback soon!

Wear it in the best of health, and may it time only happy moments!!!

Best Regards,


Re: Royal Oak, be very scared !!
12/07/2007 - 01:29

Hi kazumi, I will get the pics for the rubber strap. They fashioned the ends to look like the maltese cross...nice move.

Waaaa!!! ...
12/07/2007 - 01:09

I don't love at all the Engine Overseas (red, and pushers!) ... but in this leather strap, it's totaly another watch!

Thanks for sharin John! And congrats for your new watch!!!

Actually its closer to the Japan LE and not the Engine LE
12/07/2007 - 05:27

Hi Fred, all,

VC dished out a few Overseas LE's here (in Japan) and this included the "Engine" version you mentioned which was in collaboration with the Japanese automotive magazine by the same name.  This is why the buttons and the layout of the dial was made to simulate the dashboard of a car (meters and engine start button, etc).

The American LE which JohnLy is so lucky to have is probably more akin to the Japanese LE's which came out in two versions with blue hued and green hued (if I remember right) letterings, with more conventional layout, and identical dial material.  Unfortunately I cannot find any pics of them. 

I hope that VC does come out with a regular version so we can get to try them out here too.



Very Handsome watch...
12/07/2007 - 04:55

I'm generally not a fan of watches that go from an integrated case & bracelet to a strap (I hate the ROs that are on a strap), but this one seems to work nicely on a strap.  Also the dial is IMHO a big improvement over the standard model.  Congrats and enjoy.

Best regards,


nice variation!!
12/07/2007 - 09:52

Hope you will enjoy it in the best of health...

I'm curious to see how it seems in the back; actually I own the normal OS chrono and the bracelet close with a maltese cross...


The bracelet is beautiful..
12/07/2007 - 10:13

Maybe I should have cleaned it a bit before taking the pictures

completely agree
12/07/2007 - 16:53

hi 1907, here's mine.....

it's a fantastic piece!!!

The US limited edition Overseas! Love it, congrats its a killer and
12/07/2007 - 10:58

I love that there are no silly inscriptions on the dial (chronograph, automatic etc....)

Re: traded in the old Daytona and picked up this today
12/07/2007 - 13:31

WOW and triple WOW!!!

That is one stunning Overseas!

Its really a beautiful variation on the design. You are one lucky guy.

You better not wear it while driving... so you can keep your eyes on the road



12/07/2007 - 13:43

That is one VERY HOT Overseas!!!!

Congrats John on your new purchase, wear it ion good health!

Like many of the Loungers, I have been waiting a long time for VC to come out with a leather and rubber strap for the OS...

And VC didn't dissapoint! I really like that the stiching is red to make it go with the dial.

Like Kazumi, I am anxious to see what the watch will look like with the rubber strap on. I am a HUGE fan of rubber straps, they are so comfortable. I bought a few weeks ago a Hublot Ice Bang, and the rubber strap hugs my wrist perfectly. Looking at your OS, I am starting to wonder if I should have made another choice though...

Hopefully all 2008 OS will be available with either rubber, leather or metal strap... then I will have to get a Dual Time!

Thanks John for the nice pictures!

12/07/2007 - 16:31

CONGRATULATIONS. You must be very happy. "May this watch always show happy hours - for you yourself, your people, and the peace of this world." George

NNNIIIIICCCEEE! Love the grainy dial and strap. VC have hit the nail
12/07/2007 - 17:14

on the head and looks like a winner