Trailer for upcoming article!

Article is under construction.
Vacheron Constantin books and their intrinsic values,
according to my humble opinion!

My first, 14 x 10 cm and thin, only 52 pages.
No printing year.
The address:
Vacheron Constantin, 1 Rue Des Moulins, CH 1204 Geneve

Trailer for upcoming article!

from the content, Alex or some one else, can probably date it better than me wink

Trailer for upcoming article!

This little Vacheron Constantin booklet, is invaluable to me, my first and still the smallest!
Simultaneous in English and German! tells in short, the wellknown history, yes founded 1755,
and then series of watches from the time, of which I just took this spread.

See you soon as I'm ready with the article!


can't wait Doc :-)
04/21/2012 - 18:24
Here are my 2
04/21/2012 - 20:43
The watches shown I believe are from the 1990's and are from left to right: Phidias series 16010/967, 48010/967, the 2 on the right have the same reference numbers as the 2 on the left but the bracelets are different metals.
Charles Constantin
04/21/2012 - 23:13
Great idea Doc!  Like everyone else, I'm looking forward to your article.  Will you include some details on the book written by Charles Constantin on V&C history?  I believe it was French-only, circa 1950s.  Would love to know more...
No where to be found. Not even at Maison V&C nt
04/23/2012 - 17:04
Been thinking and writing and finally,
04/22/2012 - 03:14
I believe I come up with an in my head rather brilliant idea. I'll show all my Vacheron Constantin books in chronological order, with some basic facts, and than I LET YOU review the books. My pirmary idea was that I should do some sort of ranking, but It would only reflect my opinion. In this way you, all my friends, can write free about the books you are interested in or have questions about. I believe it will reflect more engaging reviews, and better, personal experiences. Have you really had any practical help of the books, when selecting and buying certain watches. What's your thoughts about this approach? I hope and believe this could be a real, oldtime fashioned long and giving thread. When I'm writing and thinking, I always using this very special bookmark, for especially purposesheart Still a 'dream watch'! When I'm working with my volumes, I have to use Post-It also. BTW this is after I gone through The Millennium Auction Catalogue from 2005! Any ideas, my friends? Doc
indeed a holy grail timepiece...
04/24/2012 - 13:05
had it been larger at 40-42mm... I know, I know you're going to fiercely disagree, Matscheeky a beautiful bookmark BTWyes the two books on VC I had a practical use of and came in handy on many occasions were 'Secrets of Vacheron' and the Antiquorum's Quarter Millenium Auction catalogue. These two cover all my bases and IMHO are must-haves for the Vacheron die-hards. cheers, Radek PS. Have you put up a sail on your boat this year yet?  
I motored to the berth today!
04/24/2012 - 17:49
Tomorrow it will be sails up! Brand new teak in the cockpit! Lovely isn't it? Today I sand brushed the tiller so it looks nearly as new as the teak. The man who made the new teak fitting, also made nice gesture and put the name of the yacht inscribed! So come wind and come some more warmth smiley Cheers Doc
Looking forward ...
04/25/2012 - 22:00
to your article yes Oliver