A Trend Back to Smaller Watches?

Dear Fellow Loungers,

I came across this recent article about a return to smaller watch sizes in the New York Times:


For many of us with vintage models (mine is only 31mm across), we are already ahead of the game!  But then again, V&C has always been a trendsetter!

Best regards
I can' access the article...
09/14/2009 - 07:17
but I am most definitely a vintage fan.  I also don't like large watches, so maybe my tastes are coming back into favor among others. It would be interesting in smaller, say 31mm - 35mm, watches really become more popular.  In this day and age, they could become unisex products that can attract female collectors as well as males. BR, Dan
Re: A Trend Back to Smaller Watches?
09/14/2009 - 07:37
Hi Dan, You should be able to access the article by just clicking on the link above. Anyway, if that doesn't work, please go to the NY Times Style Magazine:http://www.nytimes.com/indexes/2009/09/13/style/t/index.html#pageName=home and click on "The Goods", and then "Proportion Control: Snack Sized Timepieces" Let me know if you still have problems... Best wishes... JAMES
Hi James, thanks...
09/14/2009 - 08:01
I had to switch from Firefox to Internet Explorer, but I just finished reading the article.  My previous post looked at the topic from the other end, but get to the same meaning .  (Unisex watches) Thanks for the help and heads up BR, Dan
The most wanted reading for years!
09/14/2009 - 11:20
Thanks James, for the link to the article. I always wanted this break, and also knew it would come! I'm a vintage collector and I still think that there is a limit for how big a watch can be and that it was passed several years ago. I also am pretty sure that's why VC has made their new movements quite small. Everybody was expecting this sooner or later. Remember those bell-bottom trosers Thanks again Doc
You're Welcome Doc!
09/14/2009 - 14:05
Dear Doc, You're very welcome!  I find smaller cased watches a marvel to admire because of the detail and intricacy in their manufacture!  There is certainly something magical about vintage watchmaking! Best regards JAMES
It ain't gonna happen! Of course we have seen ridiculously
09/14/2009 - 11:54
gargantuan sized watches of over 48mm which make Flavor Fav' of Public Enemy a true trend setter but I greatly doubt we ever go back to the 34-36mm size for men. Today a watch with a 38-40mm diameter is considered classic sized, buyers are now used to them and lets face it, larger sized watches are much easier to read. I do think that the really large watches will have less appeal, just because they are unwearable but we shall remain within the 38-42mm.
I think 38 mm is max for me,
09/14/2009 - 12:50
so if they will produce more watches in that size, I'll be satisfied and will buy a new one as soon as I find one that I'll like Doc