A tribute to every concerned at VacheronConstantin !

Space Ace writes in a post below :

" kudos should be given to VC for such an open forum which unlike other Richemont brand forums doesn't need registratin and require 1000 different steps just to access the discussion forum! "

I can do nothing but fully agree A tribute to every concerned at VacheronConstantin !

I'll think we already take it for granted,
that this unique Firm, ancient in age (as some of the paticipants of HL....),
but young in mind, and always innovative and forerunner in it's designs,
shall give us this nice Club, or should I say playground A tribute to every concerned at VacheronConstantin !

NEVER have I seen Vacheron&Constantin copy an other brand,
but the reverse, has been the common truth in all times, that I know of,
and that's pretty as long as the Vacheron&Constantin existed A tribute to every concerned at VacheronConstantin ! 

My deepest respect for our silent, but listening hosts.

I'm very impressed by this elegant gesture,

but most of all, I'm extremely grateful !

My thanks goes to all employed by Vacheron&Constantin,

the Management and especially Dom. Bernaz at la Maison VacheronConstantin,

who always shows an understanding and genuine interest, in all who are curios of the Brand,

doesn't matter if your are a newbie or an old aficionado... A tribute to every concerned at VacheronConstantin !   

Yours humble


Amen to that Doc but you are forgetting somebody
02/16/2008 - 10:16

our moderator Alex who makes the discussions open, friendly and interesting.

There are quite a few moderators on so called independent forums who refuse any kind of criticism of the brand and who blindly defend it!!!

Not at all,
02/16/2008 - 11:38

I'm not forgetting Alex, but since he is one of my closest friends,

and not are employed by VacheronConstantin, and that's the point,

I didn't mention him in my thanks.

He is of course essential to Hour Lounge,

but that's been said before,

what I want to do, is thank those who let us meet and know them and each other,

the firm VacheronConstantin, and that's includes all.

First I should really have put all that physically creates our beloved watches,

by their own hands a bit more clear,

so I do it again, thanks to all


Re: Not at all,
02/17/2008 - 23:13

Aw the passion, and without it, what are we?

Although miles apart I feel great kindred for Doc and Alex.

We all met on a different, very terrific site, but not the same now.

For me what makes Doc stand apart is his honesty, sincerity and devotion.

For those of you that don't know, "Godfather Alex", is a true "stand-up guy".

This wonderful meeting place has allowed us to further enjoy our hobby.

Thanx to Vacheron, Alex, Doc and all of you who make this happen. Best, Miki

hear hear! A salute to the team at VC for....
02/16/2008 - 12:44

- this great site

- the bespoke department

- the vintage watch shop in the Maison

- the fantastic new watches

and more....

VC's new management seems to be very close to and concerned about
02/16/2008 - 17:16

its collectors or people who like the brand.

Space Ace you celebrate 100 posts !
02/16/2008 - 19:33


This is a very special Lounge,

and you see it for your self,

100 posts !!!

I'm sure you never dreamt of that when you walked in to this place,

and I have a lot more!

Always nice having you around



Right on again Doc!
02/16/2008 - 18:55

Doc, I have to admit, you always seem to be able to express just the right thing and show your heart to be in the right place!

I think this little virtual space provided by VC is one of the best ones out there. We have all probably been to many other such places but I, for one, just find myself back here time and time again...

I think this forum has lived and grown especially thanks to the respect (in terms of our free thinking, indepandent minds) shown to us by VC.

Alex I believe was one the  main elements in making this happen and to use the good old cliché: "he is the cement that bonds all of us together"

Without him I wouldn't even have known about this place here.

VC, have another great 250 years!!

Nico you are too kind !
02/16/2008 - 19:41

Thanks for your always nice, polite but still often your very own thoughts!

I have learnt a lot from you, and I'm always glad seeing your posts

As an old Purist ( now nearly emeritus ), I feel the atmosphere here so special,

that I really don't have words for it.

You feel present and not just exchanging words, utmost I believe it's because,

we love VacheronConstantin, and we do it not just for doing it,

but because of the total sum of what it stands for,

from 1755 and today,

and also because the participants here are a seldom seen bunch of nice guys


Doc, you are a true Renaissance Man, in thoughts and deeds>>>
02/16/2008 - 19:49

and it is always a pleasure to read your posts. The very best of regards, Tim

Unbelievable !
02/16/2008 - 23:25

This my tribute to Vacheron&Constantin must be magic,

timerider, look at your post, number : 100 !

Two of you you, my dear friends, have reached a magic number in this post,

incredible !

Thanks for your all to kind words,

I try, and to be honest, if you keep reading every day,

never stops being curious, you learn always something,

either you want or not

Enjoy life