Is this a true statement?

"Certain LeCoultre watches were manufactured with V&C mvts, always bearing the VXN mark. In some instances, one will find a "LeCoultre-Vacheron & Constantin" case signature in addition (typically on some diamond dial models), but the lack of such signature has nothing to do with mvt manufacture. Even the LC-V&C signed cases were produced by LeCoultre, but with VXN mvts. Much as some may prefer an additional signature, it is incorrect to dismiss a watch as non-Vacheron if the case is not marked as well. The VXN mark is definitive of mechanism origin."

I came across this description on an auction description (not ebay) and I believe this is not correct. My understanding is that the VXN is an export code which was applied by both JLC and Vacheron. This auctioneer represents that all JLC movements with this mark came from Vacheron. This goes against everything I have ever heard in all my time collecting and reserching the history of watches.

I can supply the website with the auction catalog and lot numbers is anyone is interested. I would like to hear from from the forum members as to the verasity of the statement and your feelings on such representations in auction descriptions.
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I've seen this before, "marketing" at its "best"
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My understanding is that the VXN mark was for movements imported into the US during the first half of the 20th century (there were heavy US import duties placed on complete watches, therefore movements were imported and cased domestically in the U.S.). WIttnauer was the Agent for both JLC and V&C at that time, which is why VXN was used on both companies' movements.  This is the reason for the confusion. If it only has VXN, but no V&C markings on the movement, I'd be careful. Best Regards, Dan
You are correct sir :-)
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Caveat emptor time
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I eased into watch collecting with Le Coultre and I have never, ever seen a dual  (LeC& VC)  marking on a case back. Back in the 40's one could actually get a full Swiss LeCoultre but they are extremely hard to find.  You may have seen or heard about the franken s/s tripledate moonphase Vacheron Constantin that was pulled from an Antiquorum auction recently - - a result of diligent collectors expressing concern.  This area of LeCoultre/VC/vxn is very tricky and expert evaluation is necessary IF you are spending what you consider to be "alot of money".  Robert
Never say never...
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There was a period circa 1950s when the LeCoultre and Vacheron et Constantin family ties were rather shamelessly exploited.  In America, as you may know, JLC was marketed as LeCoultre until the 1980s, and the result was co-branded boxes and yes, some models even had engraved case backs.  Rest assured, however, that only V&C pieces had V&C movements.  It was a big mistake as far as "brand equity" goes (my new favorite term) that was corrected after a few years but leaves us in the vintage arena with a huge headache frown.
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Oh boy,  more proof of a scary brand emulsifaction.  Thanks for the photos.  Robert 
Yes, but...
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Here is what I have a problem with. When a so called professional auctioneer makes a flat statement like this. "Certain LeCoultre watches were manufactured with V&C mvts, always bearing the VXN mark. The VXN mark is definitive of mechanism origin." This is simply wrong. I think we all have seen ebay auctions where such a claim is made, by private collectors who may or may not know better. But if you are in the business, such a error is not excuseable. It's a credit to Antiquorum that they would catch a mistake, but they would never make a statement like the the one above. These export codes have been the source of much confusion, but are also an oppourtunity by the less scrupulous to exploit the merketing link between Vacheron and LeCoultre. I think the new Heritage Director could help tremendously by clearing up just to what extent this relationship went.