A true Vacheron&Constantin tale !

I showed you this, one of my latest vintage watches,

still with art deco design,

and these beautiful lugs.

But to be honest I didn't know more than it was from the 40's,

or rather suspected, but that was all.

A true Vacheron&Constantin tale !

Thanks to a very dear friend at Vacheron Constantin,

I have learnt the following about this little watch :

Case and movment are matching.
We started manufacturing the watch in april 1948
We had the watch in inventory in december 1949
The watch was sold in 1952 to Rosenwasser in Le Havre France for 765.--francs
The descrition of the dial matches the picture.

Isn't marvellous !

It's not only a little beautiful gentleman´s watch.

it's a watch with it's own distinct personality !

This was a short lesson in, "How to fall in love with a Vacheron&Constantin" :-)


8 months to manufacture, 3 years to sell! Shows the amount of work
05/26/2007 - 02:08

which was required at the time to make even the simplest watch. Makes you admire vintage watches even more.

Its great to be able to put some history on ones watch. Sold for euro 120!

Lovely watch but you still consider it Art Deco?

05/26/2007 - 11:02

The nowaday accepted timespan is 1910-1939,

as the heavy, in all senses, book Art Deco 1939,

by Albert & Victoria Museum from 2003,

pushed the start back to 1910.

From the beginning it was 1919-1939,

that was named art deco.

Since the WW II not promoted design,

many objects that came in the end of the 40's,

still were of art deco design, many people,

among them I, think you could say,

that the period was 1910-1949.

Then came the 50's and a new kind of design,

just look at watches and cars.

This watch still is rectangular, and has art deco lines in it,

but that's my personal view :-)

Art Deco is a conception, that became accepted first 1968,

when Bevis Hillier published his book.

Before that, it was called, jazz, zig zag, modern art and many other things,

but this book was the start to the concept, Art Deco.

So the people who lived at that time, didn't know they lived in the art deco period!

Wonder what time we lives in :-)



Wasn't the expression born in 1925 during the
05/26/2007 - 15:44

Exhibition des Arts Decoratifs et Industriels of Paris ?

05/26/2007 - 20:08

There was no collective conception at that time.

Instead it was called as I wrote, modern design, jazz, zig zag, etc 

Moderne was another term.

It was first when Bevis Hillier wrote a book and a exhibition were arranged,

in the 60's the name Art Deco was established.

But of course ithe name Art Deco, derives from Art Decoratifs, 1925 in Paris,

which were the breakthrough for this new design.

A design for all people.

A mass design that could be applied on everything, from toasters to sky srapers,

the later are the ultimate art deco, especially, Rocefeller Center.

About the later it's published a fantastic book "The Art of Rockefeller Center" by Christine Roussel,

which I strongly recommend :-)