Typical vintage VC (1960's) servicing costs

Dear friends, I'd like to get some idea of what the servicing costs are for a vintage VC if it is serviced by Vacheron. I know of course servicing costs depends enormously on condition, but let's assume fair condition (no rust, watch is still operating).

From my experience, pre-WWII VC's are the most expensive to service, running $4k-$6k or more for a basic 3 hander.
Caliber 1001 and 1002 from the 60's are also expensive, approximately $4k.
90's and onwards 3 handers can typically be done for $1k.

My question is the following:
How about a 1960's caliber 1003? Very basic manual wind 2 hander. Provided enough parts are interchangeable between 1003 and the more modern 1003/2 and 1003/3, parts should still be plentify and not need to be remade.

Has anybody gotten a vintage 1003 serviced by Vacheron and can shed some light on approximately how much my wallet will take to have it properly serviced by Vacheron?

very hard answer as it all depends but if there are no parts to change
05/06/2013 - 12:55
and damages are minimal then you can expect around CHF 2000
Re: Typical vintage VC (1960's) servicing costs
05/06/2013 - 20:25
Serviced a 1003 1960's in the 1990's. The good thing is that the movement can be serviced at Vacheron, USA vs. going all the way to Switzerland, if I'm not mistaken. If you have the original crystal, switch it for a new one as it will give the dial a lot more clarity. Vacheron will provide you with recommended cosmetic changes if needed.