Unhappy first impessions


Just bought my first V C watch after owning several Omegas, Breitlings and Rolex watches through almost 15 years.

I bought it on December 24th, being on holliday. Its an Overseas chrongraf steel model, so nothing very fancy but I consider it my first "super league" watch.

After two days the watch suddenly stopped................ I rushed back to the authorised dealer, who told me that there was nothing wrong with the watch.

I wound it up in the morning the following days, and went back home om sunday December 28th.

When I put the wath in the case I have for for the watch I will wear the next day, I noticed a strange rattling sound.

The next day I went to the Danish authorised dealer (Klarlund) in Copenhagen and they told me that the rotor had come loose. Maybe they would have to send the watch to Switzerland for repair......... Boy - was I disappointed !  A 5 days old V C watch !

Lucky as I was they decided to get appproval to fix it in their own shop so I only had to wait for 4 days to get my new V C watch back - so thank you for an exellent service from Klarlund in Copenhagen !

But I must say that I am still somewhat disappointed about my watch. I have only had one wath that needed repair after so short time in all the years I have had watches as my hobby. (a very cheap Festina 12 years ago !)

Have anyone out there had the same unfortunate expieriences ?

I am also disappointed with the fact that V C did not answer to my E-mail to them about this. Apparently they do not think its appropriate to answer even politely written mails ?

I am now trying to get the same feeling of joy back as on the December 24th when I bought the watch, but I am still not there. Even though the nice guys at Klarlund showed me a V C with glass back, to have a closer look at the mecanics - they are top class watches !
Sorry to hear...
01/20/2009 - 01:12

It seems the treatment one gets from shops that sell multiple brands can be spotty.  I don't know why, though, a proper diagnosis can't be done AND a loaner watch given while they fix the problem.  My car dealer does this and some vehicles in the shop are less valuable than the watches we are discussing. These stories sit in the back of my mind and pop up again when I hear about the latest Vacheron extravaganza launch party or concert or whatever.  Then I wonder why more support doesn't go to service .

Unfortunately Dean, as long as the ADs are...
01/20/2009 - 02:00
independently owned and operated, there is only so much that VC can do with regards to their service.  The brand can invest in training, closely monitor their ADs and engage in other methods but at the end of the day, the staff at the AD are only responsible to their bosses at the retailer. Over the years, I have seen many, highly respected brands including Patek and VC being poorly represented by their ADs.  The brands try to be selective with their retail partners and then collaborate with them to provide requisite service levels but no amount of money can ensure that perfection will be achieved.  Perhaps this is one reason why a number of brands are adding internally owned and operated boutiques to their retail network. Cheers, Duncan
In this case, though, the AD turned out to be the hero
01/22/2009 - 10:43
by using its initiative and getting authorization to fix the watch in-store. That saved the watch from what undoubtedly would have been a several-month trip to Geneva. ErikB's problems seem to be with (1) the fact that the watch apparently had a manufacturing defect and (2) V-C's failure to respond to his e-mail. Hardly the AD's fault in either case.
Hi Erik, sorry to hear about your experience...
01/20/2009 - 01:48
but I hope that you will be willing to give VC another opportunity to impress you with their fine watchmaking. Unfortunately, with any mechanical device, there are the occasional faults or problems.  I know that it is very disappointing when it happens to "you" and many experienced collectors will have similar stories gained from years in the hobby.  Personally, I have had a couple of similar instances with 2 well-known, highly regarded brands.  After my initial negative and emotional reactions, I looked at the situation more objectively and once again felt the strong, positive feelings that originally attracted me to the respective brands. Continue to enjoy your watch collecting and when you are comfortable, take a renewed look at VC and its many well-made timepieces. Cheers, Duncan
Hi Erik, I understand your sentiments...
01/20/2009 - 14:17
quite well. Same happened to my wifes watch, which is from another well known brand. First thought: SH...T, why me?!? At the end it is all about humans, the mistakes and the solutions for problems. Our "man of confidence" at our prefered AD solved the problem in the best way he could do and was really sorry about the whole thing. That´s why he is our "man of confidence". There always can be problems (with any brand), but the crucial question is who helps you to solve it in a proper way. Support the good ones, because there are to many "sunshine" sales people and AD´s around. Just my 2-cent. Enjouy your new, great watch in the best way. Regards Oliver
Erik, shit happens!
01/20/2009 - 21:12
This I have been 'enjoying' myself. A brand new Dual Time Regualteur, stopped after some days and again after a year.. Fixed and now it's going perfect Trust me, in the end it will be fine. Two years ago I bought this car to my wife, brand new, after 350 km the engine broke totally! Now it has gone 2400 km and works perfect Doc
+1, this is at least human performances, I trust the VC Customer
01/20/2009 - 23:55

Services (nt)

Hey Doc, I wish my wife was putting 2000km a year on her cars...
01/21/2009 - 21:27
Anyway, these (watches or cars) are just things made by humans. And they, just as we, are sometimes imperfect and defective...  Gotta live with it!
Hi Radek, I already misss your happy face,
01/22/2009 - 22:25
yes she only drives about 2000 km per year, but on the other hand, is the car is so long,  so she can walk half distance inside  Do widzenia! Doc
Dzien dobry, Mats!
01/25/2009 - 12:31

long or short, Audi is a great car - our wives are very lucky to drive Audis



A similar thing happened to me.....
01/25/2009 - 15:03
Last December I ordered a Zenith QP and I waited 7 months for that watch....an eternity it seemed to me!  I finally got it and within one week the date wheel stopped moving or moved only once every few days....how disappointed I was. It also had to go back to Switzerland but they rushed the repair and I had it back within 3 weeks working perfectly and still does. Like everyone has said...things break.   Now the unanswered e-mail is another thing...that's very disappointing to hear.  It's beyond my comprehension how an e-mail from a customer can be ignored.  I might send them another one and say how disappointed I was and see what happens. Anyway, you got your watch back and now's the time to enjoy it! All the Best, Tom