Unhappy with Richmonte Service

I am a collector and have over 28 Rolex, 18 Panerai, 5 JLC, and numerous other brands. 

One thing I can attest is that the last 6 of the latest Richmonte watches I have bought, have all needed warranty work within the first 7 months. Never had a Rolex fail on me.  

Unfortunately, I am shocked and more than a little upset at what has recently happened to my new OS Chrono. I have purchased my first VC in almost 20 year this January. It was a blue OS Chrono. Subsequently in March I was able to purchase an OS Dual Time. Both watches brand new from VC boutiques. To my surprise both watches had issues within the first 4 months. The chrono hour marker would not reset to the vertical 12 position and the Dual Time reserve indicator would not go all the way up. I discussed with the boutique and was told that a VC watchmaker was coming to Dubai. So happily I took the Chrono to the watchmaker and he accepted that this was an anomaly and he would repair it. I was told it would be one week to 10 days. That over 2 weeks ago. Today, only after I physically went into the boutique, I was told that the watch will be ready after September 12. The reason, there is only one watch maker for 4 brands. I am sorry but I didn’t  pay for a Vacheron to have a non VC watchmaker repair it. Secondly I never would have taken it in if i knew this upfront. This group mentality and cost efficient drive has seem to have an effect on Richmonte service. I cannot accept this is what has become of VC. 


sorry to hear of your issues. Please check your mail
08/24/2015 - 13:55


I am sorry to hear about your experience. I think the problem you faced
08/24/2015 - 16:35

has nothing to do with group mentality or cost-efficiency etc. I think Richemont / VC in Dubai has been in transition and maybe you got unlucky in the middle of it all. Until recently, the main VC boutique in Dubai was owned and operated by an AD, and only recently they have their own boutique. Also, Dubai being a major hub, I am sure VC will have their own in-house watchmaker exclusive to VC. I think it is only a matter of time before they 'completely' and 'properly' settle down in Dubai. Kepe in mind that Dubai is also the HQ for other Asian countries such as India etc. I know both the Dubai VC head and India VC head and trust me, they are both great guys and are working round the clock to make VC experience superb for all. I am proud to call them my friends.

I am currently based in Singapore, and I have had a wonderful experience with VC service here, and now they have their own in-house watchmaker who barring a few grand complications, is qualified to service most models in Singapore itself. But then keep in mind that few years ago, Singapore watch scene and service was quite pedestrian to the sophisticated one it is now.

Just give it time. VC is a great brand, lovely people, and Dubai will feel this greatness too. Don't hold your experience against the brand.

It is not fair to compare any brand in the world to Rolex, Rolex is a completely different philosophy, animal, and creature. It is a world of its own.

Re: I am sorry to hear about your experience. I think the problem you faced
08/24/2015 - 19:27

Thank you for the message.

I do agree they are in transition, but since I did have JLC, Cartier and Panerai through most of the 2000's I have seen the way Richemont has developed. Initally they were AD owned and the knowledge and love of the staff was excellent. Same with VC. the people that worked ast the AD loved the brands.

Then Richemont bought the ADs and opened their own boutiques and the knowledge and understanding of the staff dissapeared since most new Richemont staff saw this as a job instead of of the love for the brand.

Same for the service.

My main complaints for VC are two - one is manpower and the other is Richemont quality.

For manpower - I spoke to 4 people and each one gave a differenct versions of the situation. With promises and statements that had no bearing on the reality. 

For Quality - yes one may say I was unlucky to have so many watches fail, but I have friends in similar postions and if one reads the forums one may see the results of the quakity deteriation. Please also remember I am old enough to rememebr when Yamani owned VC. VC may not have been considered as inovative, but their service and dedication as exemplery. 

Transition yes, i can accept, but lack of service NO

Re: Re: I am sorry to hear about your experience. I think the problem you faced
08/25/2015 - 06:02

Hello Ceconomakis and Welcome to THL, although I'm unhappy to read the reason for your first post.

I agree and have heard others make similar remarks.  Especially in China, where so many people buy when traveling out of the countrybut expect service in country.

This unfortunately occurs in many industries as sales can almost always increase faster than operations (mfg., after-sales service, support, etc.)  and this gap between expected and actual service level can appear.  i hope Richemnont in your region has a plan and successfully implements it in your (and all other) regions as quckly as possible.  

I never expect perfect, but I always hope for seeing continuous improvement.  

i see Alex has sent you a private message and hope this gets resolved quickly.

Best Regards, Dan