Upcoming Watch Display Case


I'm currently studying product design at Ecole Boulle in Paris and working with Vacheron Constantin on a prospective watch case. I would like to know your opinons on the current boxes.

If you own one, how often do you use it and how? (every time you go to bed, rarely, never...)

Do you use the accessories? If so how often?

Apparently the customers sometimes leave the case at the store and only keep the watch. If that's your situation I'd like to know why?

And finnaly what changes in the current watch case would make you use it on a daily basis, or simply make you like it more?

Thank you in advance for your help!

Should double as a travel case
12/09/2014 - 22:12

At least for me that would be highly useful.  Right now the case only comes out of the closet when I sell.  They are too large for my limited dresser space.  I like the concept behind Underwood's winder boxes which fit inside an individual leather outer case for travel, then into a multi-unit display cabinet for homeenlightened

Putting or Removing watch from display box
12/10/2014 - 07:39

Thank you so much for your suggestions. One last question : do you find it annoying to have to close or open the buckle every time you use the watch box?

As a matter of fact...yes!
12/12/2014 - 19:00

Nice if you could do something about that.  As I have the bracelet watches adjusted to my smaller wrist, they don't fit the standard mounts very well.  With straps, the same problem can occur if I try to use my normal wrist adjustment to avoid enlarging the other holes.  I hope this makes sense?

a double or triple case
12/09/2014 - 22:20

the outer box including:

- a compact and soft travel box

- an antimagnetic small box for storage in safe metallic box.

My wishes,


Re: a double or triple case
12/10/2014 - 07:33

Thank you Liger, interesting ideas, I hadn't thought of antimagnetic boxes.

current boxes all go into storage
12/10/2014 - 09:22

They are too big/bulky to use fir regular strorage,unless it has a winder for the manual, perpetual calendars.

A travel box that is also antimagnetic would be great.  My travel bag always has wateches, laptop/tablet/phone, etc. and I've had several instances of magnetization when they are too close to each other.

VC used to offer a leather watch wallet that can hold 3-4 watches.  I have several of them and they get used all the time.  They do not prevent magnetism though and you have yo be careful because they are soft.

BR, Dan


It needs to be functional or decorative. I have to admit that my watch boxes always end up in the
12/10/2014 - 11:28

closet but having a nice box is really important.

Many have indicated travel cases which are good but many brands already offer that. I would love to see something different fronm VC.

Considering the desire for Vc to connect to the art world I would like to see a watch box that could also be used as a decoration object. Why not give a blank page to young art students to use a regular wooden watch box and have them do the exterior design via painting, collage etc...? 

Like this the watch boxes themselves would become collectible objects. And each year you can have a different student/team work on this.

I personnaly really like what  MB&F offers. A different box for each model (this couldn't apply to VC dure to the large collection) but imagine an object which you can actually display in your house or office ?


It needs to be functiona or decorativel. I have to admit that my watch boxes always end up in the


The box below is actually on my chiminey at home!

It needs to be functiona or decorativel. I have to admit that my watch boxes always end up in the


why not a watch case that can also be used outside, like a tote or messenger bag?


Voilà :-) good luck on your research and keep us posted

Many good points
12/10/2014 - 14:02

Here is my view.  First, my boxes do end up being stored away.  I think the box(es) serve mulitple purposes.  Here are my keys.

1. Should be unique, at least, to type of watch or model line.  Patrimonies get a certain box, Overseas get a certain box, etc.  This increases collectibility in my view.

2. Should keep a grand presentation box.  There is something special about it, even if it does go to storage.  Ask a chef (which should not be difficult as you are in Paris), presentation enhances the experience.

3, There should be a separate "useful" box inside.  A simple watch with a tang buckle may have a hard travel case inside.  A perptual calendar may have a winding box inside.  An overseas on a bracelet may have a cubical travel box.

4. I think there is a real opportunity to have the presentation boxes be consistent across model line and the "inner boxes" be consistend to "type" (perpetuals, manuals, autos, repeaters, etc.)  This way, the presetation box conveys the ethos of the line, while the inner box enhances the utility,

Re: Upcoming Watch Display Case
12/10/2014 - 17:37

Wow, this is really an interesting topic. 

The current standard VC box actually includes what I think is meant to be a travel case inside.  It is brown suede, I believe, and has slots and pockets for the accessories (e.g., extra strap, thumb drive with info on the watch, etc.)  I love the idea of a travel case included with the watch, but I mjust admit, i never use this interior case  at all.  Some of us silly collectors attempt to keep everything that came with the watch intact and pristine. So, the full box set (all outer and iner boxes, documents and accessories go into storage. 

I have a nice collection of boxes now from as early as 1973 that came with my VCs.  The variety and range are really nice over teh past several decades.  I like the current standard box very much, but would love to see more variety in boxes perhaps tied to the specifc model lines (Traditionelle, Patrimony, Historiques, 1972, Overseas).  I must admit, while I store the boxes that come with the watches, and they seldom come out to play, I do like receiving a beautiful box with a watch from VC.  The watches are so lovely, they deserve a fine presentation, as others have mentioned. 

With respect to the current standard box, I like very much the display window on top that allows for a view on the watch inside. I like that a travel case is included, and were I not such a fussy collector, I might very well use it for travel.  I like the soft cloth that envelopes the watch box inside the outer box, which is also handsomely designed.  My feeling is that the standard box set is very masculine in design, and I like that as well. I have no idea if the box(es) for ladies is designed differently having never seen any examples. The one thing I don't like about the box is that you must pull it out fully from the outer (cardboard) box because the box top tilts back to open and thus cannot be done while the box sits in the outer decorative cardboard box.  I hope that is clear.

As Dan mentioned, the old soft leather wallet is really useful.  I have a couple of these that I do use for travel and for storing the watches. But I would love to see a dedicated travel pouch for 1-2 watches offered by VC that could be purchased separately. I also use the service cases that are provided when a watch comes back from service.  These are small and not particularly luxurious, but they do the job and are really handy to store a watch in the dresser or in one's suitcase.   

One thing I have heard about people leaving the box behind when they purchase a VC (or other brands for that matter) is that these may be instances when someone is buying a watch abroad and then wishes to bring it back to their home country without incurring taxes and import fees on a new purchase.  So, the decision to leave the store without the box may not reflect the importance or desirablity of the watch at all. 

Thanks for inquiring.


Thank you so much for all your helpful answers!
12/10/2014 - 19:22
Re: Upcoming Watch Display Case
12/11/2014 - 15:46

My apologies for a late reply, I was between Paris and Brussels when I came across it and the WiFi was a bit spotty on the train.

Firstly I love the VC boxes although I am not too fond of the current one with the window. Although it has a carrying case, I think its a step back in design and it really gets away from tailoring a box design to the the stature of the watch.

When I received my Explorers watch it came with such a box and I was quite disappointed, especially gived the design of some of the earlier boxes from the 90's-2000's...nicely designed wooden boxes with a very good closing latch and which serves as a display case when opened.

But I was able to locate a beautiful VC box (I'm not sure which timepiece was originally in it), but it was a large wooden box which also had space for a winder.

I purchased the VC winder which one can remove from the box or leave in place. Now I have a lovely box befitting the watch! It was a small extra cost but worth it.

However like many others, I store my boxes and leave the watches on winders or in boxes which will hold several.

I have collected several VC boxes of different designs and different eras, some large and with inlayed designs. They are a joy to look at!

Having done extensive wood working in the past, I know what goes into the construction of those boxes and as a result treasure them.

The old VC leather boxes from before 1970 are a real treat since they are small enough in which to store a watch and can easily double as a travel case. They are very well designed.

Lange had a very nice travel case at one time, in leather, round, which held one watch. I have one and it's a very nice compact case.

My suggestion for the box I would like to see is a rectangular box with a latched and lockable lid, smaller in height than the recent wooden VC boxes but with 2 front or side drawers...one for the papers and the other containing a small carrying case.