Since this is vacationing period how about the Overseas World Time with brown dial?

Of Course...who wouldn't want one?
07/29/2016 - 14:27

That's on my wish list too, but down the road after my Overseas 4500. Well...what's the difference in price between one of these beauties and a brown dial OS 4500V?

Love this. Really really love this. And given what it is, well priced too. Below
07/29/2016 - 17:07

is a pic. Someday...smiley

Very attractive watch, BUT...
07/29/2016 - 17:22

I find the lug design disappointing, as it esssentially precludes the use of any leather or third-party straps.


Tony C.

It comes with three straps
07/29/2016 - 19:30

It comes with metal, rubber and leather bands that you can pinch on and off. Third-party will have to adapt to this innovation.

Re: It comes with three straps
07/29/2016 - 21:48

Thanks Bill, but from my perspective the "innovation" is reminiscent of cell phone companies having once used proprietary chargers and connectors. Which is to say that it is intrinsically limiting, and smacks of penny-wise, pound foolishness.

To be fair, I haven't seen them in person, but rather doubt that I would change my mind.


Tony C.

Give them time...
07/30/2016 - 03:50

Then nothing can ever be improved or changed? (My friends who are Cobol programmers still have lots of jobs...and would probably agree with you.)


It won't be long until a thrid party comes along with bands for this line of watches, and I don't think it'll be long before other watch companies copy the idea of easily changing bands. But you're right, for now. We're stuck with getting bands from VC. (Remember when  Commodores couldn't run Apple, Atari, or IBM software and vice versa?)

How much time would you suggest?
07/30/2016 - 12:31

Your first line is a straw man.

Changing straps more easily than with the use of a springbar tool may seem like a clever idea, but the likelihood of this eccentric design carving out a meaningful niche, let alone displacing 100 years of largely consistent proportions (where the strap meets the case/lugs), is extremely small.

I suggest that teh project be nicknamed "Betamax 2.0".


Tony C.


It was called a Mouse and a Graphic Interface
07/31/2016 - 20:06

The same arguments were used against the Mac.

However, Tony, you may have successfully talked me out of getting any of the Overseas line.


I've been using Macs since 1985...
07/31/2016 - 22:04

though of course I was far too dumb to buy any shares in the company decades ago, in spite of the clear superiority of its OS to PCs.


In any case, I don't believe that that your analogy is taut, Bill.



It's a very clever system
07/30/2016 - 14:01

I have seen it and i would not be surprised if VC has patented the design.

Anyway, apparently it will be limited to a few watch models.


Indeed it is...
08/01/2016 - 14:32

Perhaps it can be adapted to different styles or "licensed" to other manufacturers.  There is, however, a major difference.  A "toolless" swapping mechanism, may be something could catch on, but this implementation of it (or any, really) would likely never become a standard.  The types of standards we have talked about so far, have been technological ones only.  While watches are, certainly, remarkable pieces of technology, they are also very artistic and expressive.  The lug contruction, the bracelet width at the lug, the very construction of the bracelet itself... all of these things are as integral to the watches aesthetic as they are to its function.  The very reason that you want simply interchangeable bands (as a means of varying the aesthetic expression of a single watch) is the same reason that there could almost never be a near-universal mechanism for swapping straps/bracelets.  It is too limiting in the expression across multple watches.  Just my 2 cents, but I would imagine this would be a VERY challenging endeavor - near-universality without severe aesthetic limitation.

The previous Overseas had the same issue as the strap needed to
08/03/2016 - 10:43

have a metal insert to fix to the lugs: I guess this is a common issue for these monobloc constructions where there are no lugs. The Royal Oak and The nautilus do not enable the owner to switch from bracelet to strap and the Offshore can only have specific straps also with metal inserts