Vacheron 4178 chronograph in stainless steel

Hello, my name is Massimo, I'm a vintage watch collector from Italy.I own a stainless steel ref. 4178 chronograph from 1944.Please, does anybody know how many 4178 in stainless steel Vacheron has made?Thank you for your appreciated help.
Pictures please
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smiley The answer will be found in Articles section - History of Wrist Chronographs Pt 1 

Re: Vacheron 4178 chronograph in stainless steel
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Bonjorno Massimo e benvenuto!

Since you are a newcomer and likely will have trouble navigating around, here is a link to the article which Dean mentioned:

You will find your answer there, but you will also find many interesting and fascinating facts and photos about the history of Vacheron chronos.

Read both parts!

In addition the collection of articles will keep you busy for days exploring the many faceted world of Vacheron Constantin.

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Massimo, oh Massimo...
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I hope that wasn't just a run-by-fruiting no.  Still waiting for pictures...

Truly, one can never go wrong...
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with a Mrs. Doubtfire reference.  Eh, my little poppet?

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