Hello, Can you give me some information? Year of the watch ? His référence ? Do you think that needles are origin ? Movement V453 ( 469289 ) and case steel of 35mm (261711). Excuse my English. Thank you for your information. Regards.  photo IMG_2241.jpg  photo IMG_2236.jpg  photo IMG_2233.jpg  photo IMG_2229.jpg  photo IMG_2226.jpg
Will check the numbers but the watch looks good. The hands may
04/05/2014 - 14:28
Have been changed though
Thanks for sharing these lovely photos of the watch.
04/05/2014 - 20:35
Alex is the man with the access to the archives at VC so it will be interesting to see what he can tell. For me the style of the hands looks wrong and they are to long. The gap between the case and the movement number is a least not normal. That would worry me quite a lot since that could indicate that something might be wrong.The dial has some problems with the time indications at 5 and 7. They would normally be cut short so that they aren't entering the cirkle that is indicating the seconds. I'm almost certain that dial is redone. The cal 453 is however a beatiful movement and worth having.   I wish you luck with the verification of the watch.    Best Kent.  
Re: Thanks for sharing these lovely photos of the watch.
04/06/2014 - 16:43
Thanks J-Luc for your input.
04/06/2014 - 19:36
Before I write anything else, please let me make this remark. I do hope for you that your watch is genuine and all is as it should be. Regarding the photos you have listed, I can't remark anything about the first one since it is impossible to see if the dial has been redone due to a blurred photo. However concerning the second one. I believe if we contact Antiquorum that they will not be proud of that they didn't make any comments about that the dial is redone. Please notice how the companys name is written on the dial. The letters are sailing around and the sizes are different from letter to letter. If this was the general standard for a dial on a VC watch then I wouldn't spend my life on collecting them. Of course your main point is to say that the numbers 5 and 7 is entering the circle indicating the seconds. Have you considered that the dials you are comparing with are redone / not original?. I have checked out hundreds of Vacheron Constantin watches this day in my books, catalogs and on my pc from VC and in general VC will not let the 5 and 7 markers entering the circle.  However please post more samples to prove your point if you believe I'm wrong. By the way I like your way of thinking and your research yes   Cheers Kent
Re: Thanks J-Luc for your input.
04/06/2014 - 23:01
Kent, Thank you for answer ! I regret that I little speak English! Another image, condition report : dial restored by the manufacturer.  photo Vacheron_exempledial_113.jpg Cheers J-Luc
That is a beautiful watch.
04/07/2014 - 00:58
Love the case. I have sent you a private email because I think we need to remember that the respective owners of the watches you have presented is having their watches commented and I believe we should stop this examing of their dials here. Please read my email.   Cheers Kent
sorry to be bearer of bad news but the case and movement
04/07/2014 - 18:29
numbers do not match
Alex, thank you for the information.
04/07/2014 - 20:58
Not vers good the news ! I am sorry