Vacheron 7397

This is the second SS 7397 pictured on the Hour Lounge.

This watch has an unpolished case with some wear but still has the original sunburst pattern emulating the very clean dial.  

The serial number is on the outside unlike the other 7397 displayed. 449427 is only 31 off the other SS 7397. I suspect these were made in one run in a limited number (which Vacheron from this era is not limited production ). This watch has the serial number on the outside. I am not sure why VC moves them in/out.

The K1072 runs very well, keeps excellent time and has a nice buzz with the rotor winding. 


The plain crown seems correct as demonstrated on this watches sister.

The watch wells very well and is comfortable. It seems larger than its 34 mm width might suggest. The case is balanced with the tonneau shaped case hiding the "bubble back". The cyclops acrylic crystal is very clean.

Thanks for looking.


Mike S.

For comparison I also picked up a Patek 3445G.
10/18/2015 - 23:35

I have been on a bit of a spree as of late. I picked up this vintage white metal automatic at the same time. 


The 3445 has unpolished SHARP lugs.

To compare the 27-460M is a marvelous movement and the instantaneous date change at midnight gives it an edge over the K1072. Both carry the Geneva Seal so finishing will be comparable. 

The 3445 is missing the cyclops but provides a more natural look to my eyes, if not equally legible. 

The traditional Patek round case with faceted lugs is timeless. The Vacheron's tonneau case fell out of style for 20-30 years but these post modern cases from the late 60's to early 70's are interesting again.

Two white metal watches with arguably 2 of the best movements ever built provide two different experiences..




Mike S.

Re: Vacheron 7397
10/19/2015 - 00:17

Wonderful, Mike yes.  Thank-you for the assessment of this watch and comparison with the PP.  FWIW, that earlier steel 7397 introduced to us in July is already for sale on fleabay!  It may hang around awhile...  That watch also had the case serial number engraved on the outside of the caseback.  This reflects a date of manufacture for this series in the 1970s when V&C adopted that practice and were soon to drop the "&" crying.  Correspondingly, the s/n won't be found inside the caseback.

Re: Re: Vacheron 7397
10/19/2015 - 06:25


i just checked on the-bay, it needs a new home. 

Two beautiful watches Mike!
10/19/2015 - 05:34

The 7397's shape is definitely representative of the design ethos of the 70s.  I love the sound of the ruby rollers on the full rotor of cal 1071/1072 as well!

The PP looks great, you caught two truly classic gems within a short period of time, congrats!  The case of this PP remindes me a little of the case used for VC's cal 6394 (with the way the bezel sticks out a little, with or without the linen pattern on the bezel).

BR, Dan

Re: Two beautiful watches Mike!
10/19/2015 - 06:34

Thanks Dan,

The 6394 is similar. The lugs look more like the recent Malte line with a chunky tapering. 

The VC seems to have many more interesting variations with linen dial, linen case, Dauphine hands and numerous other variations. The Patek came in basic "Neopolitan" flavors yellow, white and red with a few dial choices. I have seen a platinum 3445s with both stick and diamond markers but they are quite rare. I regret not splurging on one of them. broken heart