Vacheron Constantin crowns

Hi Experts again, some questions again :

- when does VC uses crown with Malte crown ?

- Can i date a watch if or not the crown has the Maltese crown ?.

- Is there different Maltese crown "formats" variations along the time ?

I let you all week-end to answer ;-))))))).



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The Malteser Cross
05/25/2007 - 20:48

The Malteser Cross,

was registered as Vacheron&Constantin's symbol already 1880.

Why ?

No, sure answer why.

Probably the most possible is,

that it's derived from the original malteser cross,

which is a functional part of the watch movement,

at least in older watches.

A stopwork function.

As you can see on this cross, that this actually has 5 arms, the usual were four, and one is always different.

That's the one that is stopping the mainspring from being turned to long, with risk that it would break.

This construction is situated under the barrel which contains the mainspring, and as you turn it,

it jumps over all the arms that are concave, but stops at the flat one.

That's the most plausible explanation, but no one knows for sure.

There have been several different crosses, but only quite small variations,

so you would not hesitate if it's a Vacheron Constrantin Malteser Cross or not.

Here are some different Malteser Crosses from Vacheron Constantin through the years,

so you could at least get some hint from when a cross could be.

I hope I helped you a little with the understanding of this beautiful symbol 


Partial answers
05/26/2007 - 00:08

Hi patrice,

I don't know when VC started to use the Maltese Cross, I have seen pieces from the late 40s with the cross embossed on the crown but it was not used on a regular basis until the 60s. I'm waiting for confirmation from VC on this point.

The cross did not undergo different formats but was adapted to the size of the crown. The only time VC actually modified the cross was for the quarter millenium anniversary models as you can see in the photo hereunder.

As to Doc the Maltese Cross used in the movements is a sort of torque regulator as to avoid the barrel spring to unwind too fast.

Dera Alex, how much I like you,
05/26/2007 - 00:52

you are totally wrong !

I put more confidence in the Bible "Dictionnaire professional illustré de l'horologerie I?II" by G.-A. Berner.

Number 256, page 63 :..."fixed to the barrel-arbor and a small wheel called the Maltese Cross, which is mounted on the barrel-cover. This mechanism limits the extent to which the barrel can be wound,it is almost obsolete today."

I think you have to go back to your study chamber, Alex :-)

Yours truly


I stand corrected! Thank you Doc :-) (nt)
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I know :-)
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