Vacheron Constantin introduces the new Overseas "Engine"

Vacheron Constantin will be introducing for the Japanese market only a new Overseas Chronograph in partnership with the car magazine Engine thus the name of the watch: Overseas Engine!

This new model is opening a new path for Vacheron Constantin as it uses two materials never used by the brand before: titanium and carbon fiber. Even though this watch is reserved only for the Japanese market it is an indication of a future direction the design of the Overseas will be taking.

To underline even more the car connection note the chronograph hands on the watch which mimick the indicators on a car's dashboard. The hands do not start at the habitual 12 position but rather at 7.

Case is 42 mm in steel with titanium bezzel and screws on push pieces. Only 50 pieces will be made.

Don't ask me what I think of the "engine start" on the chrono pusher.....

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Vacheron Constantin introduces the new Overseas "Engine"

Vacheron Constantin introduces the new Overseas "Engine"

Vacheron Constantin introduces the new Overseas "Engine"

Vacheron Constantin introduces the new Overseas "Engine"

Vacheron Constantin introduces the new Overseas "Engine"

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Re: Vacheron Constantin introduces the new Overseas "Engine"
06/20/2007 - 13:34

To be honest, i am a little disapointed, I expected à wonderful new watch :'(

Firstly: The "Engine Start"... war warf warf

Secondly: I don't like at all the wedding of the classical Overseas' case with the new components like the new niddles, the new dial (texture, colors, index, etc).

I think VC wants to modernize the image of the brand...but for me, at least, it is not very successful on this novelty.

My 2 cents.

06/20/2007 - 15:29

Sorry i just dont like this one


Happily a limited serie...
06/20/2007 - 16:04

to be really honest.

Some good - some bad...
06/20/2007 - 17:23

Start with the bad things:

1) Dont like the concept of a Overseas (in other words a marine watch) as a racing chrono.

2) Carbon and titanium dont feel that exotic anymore (and I have never been a fan of it).

3) Engine start?...LOL

And the goodies:

1) The subdials seems to be symetric and the L & R ones are the same size (it looks that way?). That was something holding me back of the regular one (the lack of symetry). The luminova index-dots are also symetric (size of lumivova-marks on the regular one lacks of that to).

2) Kind of like the red details on the dial but it would be cooler with a non carbon dial.

3) As the earlier Overseas the bracelet is so hot! I hope VC understands that they got a winner with that bracelet and keeps it over the years so the Overseas can be as iconic as the Royal Oak some day.



phew...that was close!I am SOOO relieved that VC did not partner with
06/20/2007 - 17:32

a car manufacturer and co-brand the watch! Imagine having on the dial Vacheron Constantin for Fiat  (well, when you see a rather medium range brand like Breitling teaming with Bentley I guess the next coolest thing would be a watch brand which is even more prestegious than the car!!)

I like the fact that VC will be researching new designs with the OS models. I'm not a fan of carbon fiber dials but it doesn't look particularly out of place here and I like the mix of titanium and steel.

"Engine start" ? What the hell???!!!

Re: Some good - some bad...
06/20/2007 - 18:22

I agree with some of llloyd's points.

I have never been a fan of carbon fiber, it always seems a bit cheap to me.  It reminds me of substantially less expensive watches from brands like auto parts companies like Momo.  It doesn't add to a watch like an Overseas, it detracts from it.

While I don't think Titanium seems exotic anymore, I would be more impressed if the entire case and bracelet were titanium.

Also, I while I'm not a fan of carbon fiber I think this watch would have looked better without the date windows at the top of the dial.

AS for the things I like.  Thank you VC for giving the watch what appear to be subdials that are the same size for minutes and hours.   The regular Overseas chrono dial with varying sizes for subdials just does not sit well with me.  Its one of the things I like the least about the regular Overseas chrono. 

I think the Subdials starting at 7 o'clock and the tachymeter are nice changes to the dial.  The tachymeter gives the watch a more functional appearance IMHO.

I'm still not sure if I like the red writing on the dial, but I could live with it.

Overall, I like this watch far more than the standard if they would offer something like this with a completely titanium case and bracelet that would be a cool watch...provided they loose the "engine start"

Best regards,


Not my cup of tea...
06/20/2007 - 22:39
In general, the elemetns of this watch don't come together to my taste. I do like Dino's idea of an Overseas without a date function. Perhaps someone has ordered just such a watch from the custom-watch division at VC. Bill
Japan must really be VC's testing ground...
06/20/2007 - 18:26

First the design elements of the new Malter Power Reserve (and the Taiwan LE) were tried out in the Japan LE of two years ago, then a simpler, no-date predecessor of the Traditionelle Automatic appeared in last year's Japan LE.  Now it seems that VC is really experimenting on the possibilites for the OS.  At any rate, the end results from the two examples above seem very nice, so we might still see a very nice regular production model coming out of this playful romp around the park.

We must remember that it is a collaboration with a car magazine, hence its intended market, which dictates the design elements, might not particularly be the usual VC afficionado.  When I first saw the watch about a month ago (yes, I completely forgot about it), I never paid much attention as I felt that VC was just playing around together with the magazine.  However, looking back, I think this is another significant step for VC. 

I would be apalled if the carbon fiber dial (all too familiar by now) were used on the Malte Chrono, but if any current VC could get away with such non-traditional materials, it would be the OS.  Although the new bracelet is a winner, I wouldn't be too surprised if we see a rubber or leather strapped version soon.

Thanks for the report Alex.

Re: Japan must really be VC's testing ground...
06/20/2007 - 18:40

"I wouldn't be too surprised if we see a rubber or leather strapped version soon."

Even if VC has to modernize its image, I think that it is pity to fall in the fashion of rubber (although it is a logical evolution).

I would love to finally see an Overseas with rubber strap for
06/20/2007 - 19:07

comfort and weight. During summer months when it gets hot and humid a rubber strap is the best and on a side note it would really look good on the Overseas.

Logical evolution...
06/21/2007 - 03:57

Yes, it is a logical, if not necessary, evolution to come up with a rubber strap (as other manufactures have already done) and I think more than a few of us would like to see one soon.

While VC has taken much efforts to improve on its core strengths (traditional timepieces), at the same time, I think VC also needs to expand its horizons if it is to succeed in the long run.  Although rubber is not a traditional material, it has nevertheless become a standard component used by many brands, including AP and PP (the former, cashing in on it big time!).  IMHO such new materials are not totally out of place with the Overseas, and indeed, there is nothing wrong in making a sports watch "sporty" (as long as it is in the spirit of VC), while making your traditional watches more classically elegant. 

Everything in the right place and in moderation I guess.  What we don't want to see is VC following the path of Zenith which IMO is in a sort of "brand image limbo" right now.  Just my two cents.

Amen to all you say! (nt)
06/21/2007 - 12:34


Re: Vacheron Constantin introduces the new Overseas "Engine"
06/20/2007 - 19:21

Interesting!!! I kind of like it.

Do you think there is a hint of JLC in this model?

The engine start near the chronopusher looks a bit childish...totally unnecessary.

What movement does this model have?

Its the same movement as in the "regular production" Overseas
06/20/2007 - 19:52

chronograph models (cal 1137).

I can't really see a hint of JLC here... its the overall look of the watch which make you think of JLC?

Re: Its the same movement as in the "regular production" Overseas
06/21/2007 - 14:45

Thanks for this info.

Underwhelmed for all the reasons mentioned by earlier posts....
06/20/2007 - 19:56

But I appreciate VC is experimenting with novel presentations of its standard models.  In baseball terms, it's definitely not a home run but I think VC at least got on base with a single. 


A safety bunt or squeeze...risky but advances the man to the next base
06/21/2007 - 03:33

Hopefully, this is a set up for the slugger coming up next...

Re: Vacheron Constantin introduces the new Overseas "Engine"
06/21/2007 - 11:37

I'm not sure what to say, it's not singing to me. me, this just doesn't work!
06/21/2007 - 12:31

This concept is not for VC IMHO...but it worked for AP. Maybe we're just not used to this...

VC & PP are 2 CLASSIC kings, nothing to do with racing. AP wanted to reach to younger audiences by doing all kinds of cosmetic LE ROOs and tie-in with racing theme, it was VERY successful. However, VC? We'll need to see the result.

Someone mentioned Overseas is a sea-related theme, not racing...I think it's correct.

Sorry Alex!

I am waiting for my patrimony boutique piece coming at the end of this month!

Lucky you :-)
06/21/2007 - 12:36

06/21/2007 - 14:57

 Hope the boutique meant what it said...

not that bad
06/23/2007 - 12:29
Although I am a big fan of VC in general and love the Overseas concept (I would've gotten one long time ago had it been fitted with rubber or leather strap), I cannot get used to the idea of the new model. I think it is not quite as innovative as you would expect from a novelty. Sure enough it will be sold out in no time so VC have nothing to worry about. Can't wait for Dual Time or Chronograph with rubber band! Any idea when it will surface?
I know that VC is working on this but the results have not been
06/23/2007 - 16:31

optimal. I would say any time soon.. :-)