Vacheron Constantin métiers d'art: guillochage

I am using some photos of my friend Alain2701 during our visit in Plan les Ouates.

Most of the dials are outsourced, and I will add well outsourced as for me dial at Vacheron are one of the best.
Imho above competitors, only Breguet with its very special style can sustain the comparison in the complexity and effect given.
My 2 cents

But there is also a guillochage in Plant les Ouates. A "métiers d'art" guillochage
The guillochage is done by a machine.
"machine" sounds not good at first, it is not "handmade". You could think it is like automatic...
So what is a "guillochage machine"?
A guillochage machine is MAN that uses this machine, a machine that can only do straight lines or circles or different radius.
It gives me the impression that it was a bit like this toy for children wheer you can draw turning two button if you see what I mean.

Everything but automatic indeed

Vacheron Constantin métiers d'art: guillochage
credit Alain2701

The result
Vacheron Constantin métiers d'art: guillochage
credit Alain2701

Try to do the same at home with a rule and a mathematic compass. Give us the result and the time needed Vacheron Constantin métiers d'art: guillochage
VERY impressive in real and a very high skill needed.


the VC guilloche artist is a sorcerer, he manages to "draw" with
04/16/2011 - 21:29
tools that can only make paterns!!!! Unfortunately he is a one man team and he does only bespoke or very low numbered watches
those dials are truly a work of art
04/17/2011 - 10:27
Re: Vacheron Constantin métiers d'art: guillochage
04/18/2011 - 00:57
I felt like such a doofus afterwards for taking a flash picture while the gentleman was intently working away on a dial .
This cieseled from 1919 isn't so bad...
04/19/2011 - 01:38
Also lots of work if you look very careful, the hands are blued.... nearly lilac Cheers Doc
Beautiful guillochage and Patina
04/19/2011 - 18:09
I love this colour!   I bought a 10€ watch on a marketplace only for the colour of the hands even if the watch is not really interesting (even less than not interesting ^^) . The other thing was the "water proof" compared to the... how could I say that... deep patina   The colour is not obvious on this photo but this is the only one I've got cheers Francois
Honorable piece..
04/19/2011 - 20:38
There is honor in a piece that shows its history, like the weathered face of someone who's lived long and long as it works