Vacheron Constantin Podcasts on iTunes

Hi,  I don't know if anybody else found these, but I was searching the iTunes App store to see if anything interesting was there.  (I typed "podcast" into THL's search function and had zero results/hits).

I came across these free podcasts that VC has made, there are 7 in total right now and more to come in the future.  I just subscribed and am currently downloading the files to my computer.

I imagine we've seen or heard some of this topics before, but its great to have it on hand, smiley

There are 2 about the World Timer and others about cal 2253, cal 2755, QDI, etc. 

BR, Dan
Hi Dan, these are the videos you can find in our
10/10/2011 - 12:25

Goodies section smiley