Vacheron Customer Service is AAAA+

Hello fellow Vacheron owners,
I am amazed by this brand every day!

After seeking information about confirming that my vintage watch is correct (ie. exact movement for the case my watch is in). I sought advise on this very forum - I was advised to contact Daniel in the Vacheron Concierge Service.

I immediately emailed this gentleman and provided case, reference and movement calibre.  He came back to me in lightning speed to advise he also needed the movement serial number.

I got my watchmaker to give me this number - I also took a few pics of the Geneve Seal movement whilst I was in his repair studio - scan attached!

Daniel from Vacheron confirmed all was correct and provided a year of manufacture! (1960 - my piece is 51 years young!)

I am firstly pleased my watch is correct.  I am also amazed at the speed and effort Daniel went to.

Vacheron is a true luxury brand.  This level of service is purely Rolls Royce level!

Vacheron Customer Service is AAAA+
I haven't met a person yet that does like the VC Concierge! (nt)
03/18/2011 - 02:18
Congratulations on your watch, and...
03/18/2011 - 14:32
I absolutely agree with you about VC service and Daniel in particular.  He is an amazing representative of the brand and has done a lot to make my experience with Vacheron the very best I have had with any watch manufacturer.   Best, respo
you've got a jewel there Archie! hold on to it for years to come...
03/19/2011 - 11:05
it will only get younger in time