Vacheron model 7391

Dear all,

New to this forum, however long time watch afficionado, collector and owning a watch specialty shop in The Hague, Netherlands.

I recently aquired a never worn Vacheron Constantin model 7391 in 18 carat yellow gold on a shiny black aligator strap (with the original gold VC buckle) and the factory sticker still on the case back.

The case number is 433710 and the watch has the wonderful 1120 automatic caliber (with serial number 607768), which is stamped with the Poincon de Genève. Me was told that the watch was produced in 1968 gemaakt; unfortunately the box and paperwork can't be found anymore.

I had never seen this model before and could find only little information about this model on the internet. I saw that in past years only three had been for auction at Antiquorum, all having integrated gold bracelets.

Does anyone know if the serial numbers do match the production year of 1968, and probably how many of these watches have been produced bij VC? Could anyone give me a price estimate for such a watch as well?

Vacheron model 7391

Many thanks and best regards,

Gerard Nijenbrinks
its funny how some designs come back in fashion. This watch has a
06/07/2009 - 11:54
definitive 70s look which I really like I would say your watch is post 1974 as that is the date the & in Vacheron & Constantin was removed and on your dial the brand inscribed is Vacheron Constantin. You can order a Certificate of Authenticity from VC and the exact date of manufacture will be indicated.
there must be something to it - 1974 the year I was born, hope it has
06/07/2009 - 12:57
nothing to do with losing THE ampersand of all times and I am safe with you, Mats Anyhow, I really like the piece. Had it been bigger I would have bought it off of Gerard on the spot... Do you have something specific in mind designwise, Alex? (except for Royal Eagle)
I don't find the Royal Eagle to be 70s! I was rather thinking of the
06/07/2009 - 13:14
Tag Monaco or the new Zenith chrono inspired from the original model from 69. Basically these watches with this specific form which is not quite cushion and not quite square.