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Antiquorum on the 13th of November has some interesting VC, and Christies the 15th

Among others at Antiquorum the 13th November

This surprising waterproof rectangular watch
qutoe from Antiquorum
"yellow gold wristwatch with a special waterproof glazed container for the movement, closing by two clips on top and bottom back."
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A fabulous 4072 pink gold with pink dial
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An american Calendar 
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A Quai de l'ile with a combination fo titanium and Pink GOld
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A 1972 very dressy in this combination
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Christies the 15th
This extremly rare chronograph 4083 with hooded lugs 
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And if you still hungry, take another part of Salmon with this pocket watch 4186
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that 4072 is just drop dead gorgeous! I feel that prices will be high
11/10/2010 - 14:22
talking pink 4072
11/10/2010 - 15:32

I thought it could be a very nice present from the fellow administrator of the Hour Lounge. If you do so, I will post it every friday,

hmmm for a moment I thought you were suggesting it would be a
11/10/2010 - 15:44
gift for me
Come on !
11/10/2010 - 16:19

you are always at the museum to enjoy these wonders More seriously it is real marvel

yup, that 4072 is the sweetest...
11/10/2010 - 16:01
probably too small for me, but looks like a 1,000 bucks!
Waterproof Rectangular!
11/10/2010 - 21:04
Francois, that is very interesting...I wonder if the archives as any technical drawings for this modification??
Re: Waterproof Rectangular!
11/10/2010 - 21:26
It would be interesting for sure, because the system seems to be different from an Omega marine for example.
11/10/2010 - 22:36
waterproof from the inside instead of Omega's cover on the outside
Re: Exactly...
11/11/2010 - 11:43
The case looks like the water resistant Jaeger LeCoultre Uniplan from the 40s. I wouldn’t be surprised if they share the same base movement.
Wow, the mistery didn't stay long.
11/11/2010 - 12:19
Thanks for your input!  it is said M. Cal. 203I suppose this is it. cheers Francois
Re: Wow, the mistery didn't stay long.
11/11/2010 - 14:15
My guess would be Vacheron & Constantin Cal. 435 based on JLC cal. 11L (424).