Vacheron ref. 444 (stupid & tricky post)

Dear Loungers,

what do you think of my ref 444?



sure is tricky as all I see is
09/25/2014 - 14:32

a gorgeous 222!!!

Trust me Alex, it's stupid also... But
09/25/2014 - 15:06

It may bring out something good to see cheeky


now I'm really curious
09/25/2014 - 17:01


Ok, so let's get things moving then :-)
09/25/2014 - 18:45

222+222=444. It's stupid, you've been warned! cheeky


Well done, Sir!
09/26/2014 - 08:50

A pair of beauties.


you're my hero :-)
09/26/2014 - 09:18


Some shots
09/25/2014 - 18:50

under a pale sun:


Very nice...
09/25/2014 - 21:22

Have you bought a second then, or did you just get to see another and compare them?

If you did get another, make sure never to buy just one more.   666 would be most inauspicious!

However, 888 is very auspicious indeed, so I guess next time you will need to buy a pair!

Thanks. For your kind comments
09/26/2014 - 09:54

Everybody :-)

I've already nick-named this watch "the Byzantine" for the hieratic look the golden dial gives to the watch.

If I found a sample in gold I think I couldn't resist from making it mine as I can ensure I'm not afraid of the devil cheeky