"Vacheron seems to be a watch of emotion rather than logic" taken from

a post on TZ where someone was asking about the merits of VC, PP and Lange.

I found this answer really intersting as it truly defines my approach to the brand and its watches.

Yesterday I was speaking with a WIS friend about watch brands and how certain have an intellectual appeal to me (Journe, Lange) whereas other are an emotional choice (VC, Urwerk...).

So do you agree that VC is more an emotional choice and how do you choose your watch based on logic or feeling?

I can relate. Because if you buy using logic you would probably choose
06/20/2008 - 13:32

a "status symbol watch" such as a Daytona or a ROO!

No matter how interesting a watch can be I will only buy it if it has an emotional impact and VC for me does have that extra "oomph" which you can't put your finger on but which makes my heard beat faster compared to another brand.

Hard to say...buying based on emotion means>>>
06/20/2008 - 15:50

buying without any rationale, you just HAVE to have that watch! Can't explain why, just feel the strong connection towards the watch. Buying based on locial thinking means I may have some questions r/e the purchase: Do I need another one? Is it a good brand? Is the price expensive/reasonable? Why do I need it? etc., so you may have to answer these Qs in your head before pursuing further.

As for VC, I bought Malte chrono based on logic (lemania based is getting rarer, PP 5070's price is already up like crazy, etc.) while Patrimony boutique edition was purchased based on emotion. However, I love my Malte chrono more & more and it's already with me for 3 years, no intention to let go.

Thanks for the compliment.
06/20/2008 - 15:03

Thanks for including my quote from the other forum. I often try to understand what I like and what I do not like but have found the only answer to be an emotional response. I have included my original post to ensure proper context.

I too have a number of watches. Most of them are Patek (3800, 5115R, 3940R, 5070R, 5350R...). I also have a WG Langematic with date and a Vacheron Patrimony Extra Plates RG with the 1003 movement (NOS circa about 2000 with display back and Genève seal). My passion lies with Patek. The Lange is wonderful, reliable, but somewhat austere. I have held a number of Langes and they all have a very similar feel. More so than VC and Patek the genetic heritage of Lange is most palpable in ALL their watches. My feeling is if I have one I don't need another. I really appreciate my Lange but I guess I do not love it. Vacheron is the Bedouin of the group. Not because it was once owned by a Sheik (although these were the years it was most lost) but because it seems nomadic. The company lacks definition outside of the "oldest watch maker in the world...blah. blah,blah...". They have a number of lines but they seem uninspired. Don't get me wrong, each line has some wonderful watches which I would be proud to own but they are missing something. The exception to this (except for some incredible vintage pieces) is my ultra slim little beauty. It is soft, slight and feminine in almost every detail. It is the antithesis of watches today. Up against my 5070 or 5980 is downright childish. But I cannot help but love it. The warm white face with painted lines, the soldered lugs, the Maltese cross on the tiny crown which seems too small to grab but winds with buttery smoothness, the extreme thinness of the case which almost seems to vanish on profile and the Genève Seal hallmarked extra thin movement. It is the movement which is the soul of this watch. It is fifty year old design, out of fashion small and way cool beyond words. The fact they have replaced this watch with their own in-house only enhances this watch to me. The 1003's are a dime a dozen on the secondary market and I hope all watch lovers take the time to pick up one since there is nothing else like it, not the JLC ultrathin watches nor the Patek 175/177 based watches. I know I might get lynched on this forum but the Overseas model line does not float my boat. I like the basic automatic OS in the vein of the original RO or the Nautilus but the other models just seem like they are trying to be something they are not. True enough, Patek has FINALLY made the Nautilus work but it took THIRTY FRICKIN' YEARS! Do you think Richmond has the "balls" to stand by a "me too" watch for thirty years without pulling the plug? Will the Overseas be another 222 or Phidias? I think the 222 has got real mojo like the 3700 at one quarter the price. I am concerned that VC will jump ship on the OS line and leave the old line orphaned as they move on looking for something new/better/profitable(!). Time will tell (no pun intended ;)). As for my Patrimony it does nothing spectacularly and yet I love it as much as my 3940, which is my favorite Patek (I guess I like em thin). Vacheron seems to be a watch of emotion rather than logic, Lange is purely logic, and Patek is a little bit of both. Perhaps if I gave other VC's a chance I would be converted. I have been eying that Patrimony Tradittionelle self-winding.... Mike S.

Other emotional watches for me besides my Vacheron Patrimony Extra Plates include IWC 5251, Patek 5115R and 3940R.


Mike Segal

Interesting comments, I'm not quite sure I agree on the Overseas, of
06/20/2008 - 15:55

course there is a ressemblance to the other Genta designed watches such as Nautilus and RO but having a look from the outside (and I'm not particularly an OS fan - but there seem to be many of those here) it just seems to me that the OS is not a priority model within the VC line up. AP puts all their effirts into the RO and PP has decided to put a lot of effort in developing the Nautilus line recently but VC is a bit lagging behind in the steel sports watch section.

Saying that we did see some really cool looking OS models made for Japan and the US last year and ther was also the really cool RG model on strap. As you say time wil tell but I feel as if the OS is here to stay.

Mike, you've expressed my thoughts too...
06/21/2008 - 22:01

Please continue to comment and provoke!

Logic and Passion are two sides of a coin....
06/21/2008 - 22:16

Interesting thoughts from Mike and Alex.  Passion is an inconsistent emotion, as you appreciate when in love or raising children!  Logic is the basis of knowledge that sustains you between the peaks and valley's of emotion.  I believe that both are required to sustain a long term committment.  Those products that market on passion alone (usually sex) condemn their product to a fickle consumer.  Those that can combine passion and logic have found the secret to success.

I think it's clear (to me, at least) that the passion exists within VC.  What isn't so clear is the logic!  What makes VC the best wristwatch (not the prettiest, or most fashionable...that is an emotional appeal)?  Are they the best engineered (Lange), most reliable (Rolex), best investment (Patek)?  That is a question I know the answer to for vintage "&" but not today's VC.

Help me understand the logic of Vacheron.