Vacheron USA Sevice Experience for Overseas Chrono

My VC AD has kindly sent in my Vacheron Overseas Chrono to the Texas, US based service center for regulation as its been running fast each day. VC thought 17+ seconds a day was unacceptable and recommended service as its under the original two year warranty. I have documented in writing with my AD the showroom condition of my watch without a scratch, ding or any imperfection. They triple packed in bubble wrap my watch for shipping in front of me so I know how it was shipped to the service center. Lets see how it comes back to me as I will only accept it back in the same pristine manner turned in for service. While I expect quality service, I was a little surprised that the whole process will take 3 months from start to finish, hopefully sooner. I will post the full story on return with photos to document the service received and watch's condition. Hopefully the VC system will work correctly for me. If you have had any recent service experience with VC - USA, please share it with us on the forum. I am going to share this with the VC Concierge in NYC to see if they can give me some comfort :)) and detailed info on what's happening with my watch that I turned in March 16th at my AD. Thanks, Matt
Hi Matt, I've dealt with the Richemont U.S. Technical Service Center
04/11/2010 - 15:41
in Texas on a couple of occassions.  Any watches originating from the U.S. that need to go back to Geneva for service must go through this channel. I can't speak to the technical services actually provided in Texas my watches are vintage and had to be serviced in Geneva. I've had some communications/follow up (or lack there of) issues with this Richemont office before.  I suggest careful and regular follow up if you believe they aren't responsive.  I've found keeping both VC and Richmont in the loop to be helpful, though they may see me as a "high maintenance" customer - but so be it.  I love my VCs and want them to come back to me in marvelous shape and condition.  After getting thorough and clear communications with VC, I've been happy with the work they have provided.  Just my 2 cents. Please keep us posted on how things go.  PM me at any time if, or when, you don't want to go into all the gory details on the Lounge.  I'm always interested in hearing how things go with after-sales service because I believe it is critical to buyer satisfaction - especially for high-end, luxury, items such as those that VC offers. BR, Dan
Thanks Dan!
04/11/2010 - 18:44
Good morning Dan. Thank you for your thoughtful note and guidance from your previous experiences with the VC Service Center. I am following your advice and keeping my AD and myself in the loop with very close communications. So far things are proceeding with a fax and email received that my watch arrived for service and all will be covered under warranty. I am hopeful to present a positive report for my friends here on the Lounge in less than 3 months time. Don't think my watch will be traveling to Geneva for service as we only requested what I thought was a simple regulation - but I may learn more :)). Will keep you and the members on the forum informed. Warmest regards, Matt
Service Watch
04/12/2010 - 18:09
You know Matt, it seems that with the loooong service times, VC should consider providing a loaner watch to distract and amuse its customers while they wait.  We could have a fun discussion as to what those models should be...perhaps others in the Richemont family .   Way back in the days of pocket watches, some retailers used to provide "service" movements to owners when theirs was removed for more serious maintenance.  At least, I know this was the case with Birks.
Re: Service Watch
04/12/2010 - 18:17
That seems like a worthwhile idea to be considered. Plus if I liked the loaner watch I may even buy a similar one :)). From a business expense standpoint they could charge it off as a marketing expense and see additional revenue. Will see if I can get that idea up the flagpole when I meet some of their VP's traveling to my part of the US. Appreciate your support for my loneliness without my OSC. Thanks again for your thoughful post. Best regards, Matt
Good luck Matt
04/12/2010 - 21:05
I think I'll have to depart with my VC as well, since getting it I wanted to get the month and week day wheels to be aligned properly, but never could send my VC away. I'm getting close to my 2 years warranty expiring, so I'll have to speak to VC to make sure it goes under the warranty. Not sure how long I'll have to wait to see it back... Lucky for you, you've got a few other nice watches you can wear while you wait... Cheers,  Francois
Re: Good luck Matt
04/12/2010 - 21:30
Francois, good to hear from you. I like you hesitated sending my watch in for service - but its best while under warranty. I will keep you posted on how the process goes. I advised the VC Concierge in NYC about my service so they can monitor as well. I will miss my VC as its one of my favorites. Good luck with your watch. Warmest regards, Matt François, bon de vous entendre. Je vous aime hésité envoyer ma montre au centre de service - mais son meilleur tout sous garantie. Je vous tiendrai au courant sur la façon dont le processus va. J'ai informé le service de conciergerie VC à New York au sujet de mon service afin qu'ils puissent suivre ainsi. Je vais rater mon CV comme un de mes favoris. Bonne chance avec votre montre. Cordialement, Matt
looking forward to the updates...
04/13/2010 - 15:04
And thanks for the translation in French, although I'm a bit surprise by your declaration of love! (your "I like you hesitated sending my watch" somehow got translated to "I like you" and separately "hesitated sending my watch") Cheers,  Francois
Re: looking forward to the updates...
04/13/2010 - 17:58
That's so funny Francois. My wife speaks French fluently and I can never be as good as her :)). So I better let her write for me. Thanks for asking about my watch servicing.  Fortunately, I have received the kind and professional attention of Daniel Adams - VC Concierge in New York City. Mr Adams has advised me that my watch's service will be completed by the end of next week barring any unexpected problems and approval by quality control to release the watch. If that all happens, my watch will have been serviced in 4 weeks time from when VC received it. That is certainly pleasing when I was advised earlier that 3 months was needed for the entire process. I am grateful to Mr Adams and he reminds me of the professional and friendly attention we receive each day from Alex Ghotbi our VC Hour Lounge moderator. That's my report for today, but promise more. Warmest regards, Matt
Whoa, good news! 4 weeks in indeed pretty fast!
04/13/2010 - 18:19
thanks for the update...