Vacheron&Constantin and their books.

There has been some question about VC's books,

and what's the information there are in those books.

This watch I asked if they knew something about, and got the answer from Dom. Bernaz,

at la Maison Vacheron Constantin.

"This watch was completed in September 1946, sold on 8 December 1947 to US Army Exchange Office in Germany".

Quite impressing information, isn't it :-)

Vacheron&Constantin and their books.


They have everything consigned since more or less
05/10/2007 - 14:14


Is it possible to find out more?
05/10/2007 - 19:05

all the information I got for my first VC was that it was made in 1960, but nothing else. Do you know if it is possible to get more info that this? And who should I ask?


Probably not.
05/10/2007 - 19:39

The later model is, the less chance to get some more information,

if the watch isn't exceptional.

Back in the 40's, some years only a few hundred watches were made.

I know some year's production figures.

1932 only 211 movements were made!

I have the watch presented below, made in 1937,

a year they made 439 watches,

even though they had a production capacity of 3000 !

So naturally they had more control over when and where,

and to whom, their watches were sold.

How exclusive, complicated, special or rare a watch was,

when it was made, and sometimes also to whom it were made,

of course, also means that more information was kept.

The most exspensive Vacheron&Constantin, so far, sold at an auction,

"King Fouad" supercomplicated pocket watch from 1929, for 2.777.250 $,

has every document conserning it.

The same goes for the most exspensive new produced wristwach.

VacheronConstantin Tour de l'Ille from 2005, at 1.413.000 $.

Both watches were sold at "The Quarter of Millennium of Vacheron Constantin",

at Antiquorum, 2005, an auction I had the honour of being present at :-)