VC brand and The Order of Malta.

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The symbol of VC looks very similar to the symbol of The Order Of Malta.
So, I'd like to ask members of this respectable community two quesions.
Was this brand created by a member of the Order?
Is this watch business owned by the member of the Order at the present time?
As I know, the order is not a secret society, so I expect that the answer will be given to me.

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VC brand and The Order of Malta.
The symbol is supposed to be taken from a part of the watch movement..
06/11/2010 - 07:20

Hello, I do not remember the specific part, but the VC symbol, the Malta Cross, is taken from a part of the watch movement which looks like a Maltese Cross. Hope this helps. Best regards, Kazumi

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06/11/2010 - 11:22
Actually the knights of Malta are not the only ones that use the Maltese cross.   This is a photo of Pope Venedictus XVI from his recent Cyprus visit.   It is also used by many others, like in the United Kingdom where the Maltese Cross is the symbol used by Rifle Regiments, and has been incorporated into the badges of virtually all rifle units, including the amalgam, The Royal Green Jackets,  the french club of football AJ Auxerre, the St John Ambulance Northern Territory in Australia, the military Medical Corps in Spain and many others. Alex has informed us at May 30, 08 that oficially its not a religious symbol but the torque regulator for the mainspring which is in the form of a Maltese cross.  Photos posted by Alex April 29, 08 Also check Doc's post The Malteser Cross at April 28, 08. What we don't know is why V&C chose this part for its logo.  George
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06/11/2010 - 16:02
Thanks for your answers.
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06/11/2010 - 17:06
Ofcourse if you like conspiracy theories you must note that the knights of Malta or Knights Hospitaller took most of the propertys of  Knights Templar which also used the Maltese cross at their seal. The text is in Greek and Latin characters, Sigillum Militum Χρisti: followed by a cross, which means "the Seal of the Soldiers of Christ". Wikipedia As everyone who has read Dan Brown knows the Knights Templar were the ancestors of Freemasons. And this reminds me another point. One of the most beautifull watches of all times IMHO is the Mercator. And the Mercator reminds me the Masonic compass and square. From these I think that we can safely draw the conclusion that cartographer Mercator was the Templar knight that teached Jean-Marc Vacheron how to make watches. My only question is why Napoleon Bonaparte, who among other historic figures like Pope Pius XI, the Duke of Windsor and Harry Truman, owned a Vacheron & Constantin, captured Knights Hospitaller Mediterranean stronghold of Malta, in 1798, during his expedition to Egypt. The only reasonable answer is that althought V&C was founded in 1755 the Maltese cross was only adopted as the company's logo in 1880 and so Napoleon couldn't recognise it in 1798. George    
Dan Brown step aside George is here :-) (nt)
06/14/2010 - 11:37
The Geneva Stopworks
06/11/2010 - 19:30
The mechanical part of a watch from which VC took their Maltese Cross symbol is referred to as a Geneva Stopworks and was a hallmark of fine Swiss watches.  The purpose of the stopworks was to control tension on the mainspring and prevent over-winding.  It required careful construction and precise geometry to function, thus was considered only for valuable watches. Interestingly, it was the quest to eliminate the stopworks mechanism, with it's inherent friction and complication, that led VC's rival Adrien Philippe (before Patek) to design the now-legendary free-sprung balance.  Without fixing the mainspring to the barrel, it used friction itself to limit tension.  Today, the stopworks is obsolete in watch mechanisms but variations continue to function within other mechanical devices. Franco Cologni, in his book Secrets of Vacheron Constantin, agrees with this origin but embellishes the story by observing that the cross was used as early as 1790 in the design of a VC wall clock, and that the symbol had great significance to nobility, which were prime customers for the brand.
06/16/2010 - 17:59