VC Coin Production

Hello Alex,

I wish to thank you for your article on the history of VC coin production. I just recently read it. You went beyond the call duty

in preparing the article and it was much appreciated. I just have a few questions:

1. As you may recall, I have a $20 gold coin watch with bracelet ref# 6510 and cal. 1003 from 1971. I noticed that you did not list the 1906 coin as one of the coins made in 1960. When were the 1906 coins introduced? Are they rare compared to the 1904 coins?

2. What year were the attached bracelet models introduced?

Just curious. You help is much appreciated!


ref 6510 came on strap, the bracelet models had another
11/11/2009 - 11:16
reference number. Can you recheck your ref number? It is also possible that your watch was fitted with a bracelet ata later date after purchase that's why the ef number did not change. The use of 1904 or 1906 coins depended on the availability of the coins, there is not one which is much rarer than the other.