V&C Corps of Engineers Time Only Pocket Watch

Greetings, I am searching for information as to production date and quantity made for a Vacheron and Constantin pocket watch that was made for the US Corps of Engineers. It is NOT a chronograph, but time only. A man's name is engraved inside the military nomenclature on the back. He was a first Liutenent at West Point in 1906 serving as an engineering instructor, but I cannot find anything anywhere about the watch itself. I have serviced several of the chronograph models, (which I think are rare) but have never seen a time only, pendant set (not nail set). I serviced this watch and find it to be very genuine V&C, but cannot find anything about it in books or online. Thanks in advance for any info you might have. I have several pictures of the movement while it was apart and of the complete watch. Best regards and thanks in advance, Jon W. Horton, AWCI/CMW21 Certified master watchmaker.
Re: V&C Corps of Engineers Time Only Pocket Watch
06/02/2012 - 07:41
This article from the Purists forum may help: The Watch That Went to War Part II.  In addition to 5,000 single-button chronograph watches, a total of 2,000 time-only pieces were ordered by the AEF in August of 1918, to be numbered 10,351 to 12,350.  They were described as "half-chronometers" in the purchase order but that term was used to indicate the quality and did not imply Observatory testing.  V&C was to be paid CHF 96 for each watch delivered. This copy of the original purchase order was posted here and at the Purists by a very pugnacious papazulu.