VC, elected the MOST prestigious luxury watch brand ...

... by 513 US High Net-Worth Consumers (annual average incomes: 789000US$)

Patek Philippe and Piaget were ranked second and third!! ... among 31 brands!

An internet study of the independant New-York based Luxury Institute.

Link to the article:

Congrats VC! It's entirely deserved!VC, elected the MOST prestigious luxury watch brand ...VC, elected the MOST prestigious luxury watch brand ...

Thanks for the good news Fred925
02/12/2008 - 23:36


A very interesting article!
02/13/2008 - 00:03

How are you aware of such information, Fred?

don't want to spoil the party but
02/13/2008 - 11:20

there wasn't much competition here, the choice is obvious when the contenders are Dior, Longines, Movado, Rado, Breitling etc...

OK OK I'm being cynical because there were some high end brands listed such as Patek and AP so congrats to VC and thanks Fred for posting the link

I thought Patek was the strongest in US?
02/13/2008 - 16:45

Oh well, Long Live VC!!!

thanks Fred... (nt)
02/13/2008 - 17:05


As Homer Simpson says, "WOO-HOO!!!" nt
02/13/2008 - 17:43


Thanks Fred. Interesting article...
02/14/2008 - 15:26

Its very good that VC is getting much deserved recognition. 

VC will always get my vote should they decide to come up with a survey of people on the other side of the income spectrum.


Great news!! And it seems informed and maybe more objective than most.
02/14/2008 - 19:34

I especially like the comment that: "Luxury Institute Respondents said Vacheron Constantin is "one of the best in skeleton movements and finishing" is "very dependable" and "unique.".

Not only do I agree fully with the statements, but it also shows that the people responding made informed comments about what they were talking about and actually thought about the answers. So in my mind this survey goes further than simple "like/dislike" statements with no real/objective judgement behind it.