A V&C Family Heirloom...

A V&C Family Heirloom...A V&C Family Heirloom...A V&C Family Heirloom...

First of all, I'm new to this forum and I thank you in advance for any advice/information.

This past weekend, my mother gave me a V&C ref. C3.7804.  The watch was a wedding gift from her father to mine back in 1973.  According to the certificate, my grandfather purchased the watch at an AD in Hong Kong during one of his business trips.  Although I have the reference number, I can't seem to find much information about this watch and I was hoping somebody here could tell me about it.

As for the watch itself, the case is 31mm in diameter and 3mm thick.  The bracelet and bezel are made of white gold and the crystal is flawless.  I've been testing the movement over the past couple days and to my amazement it keeps very good time.  My father, who still doesn't wear a watch to this day, only wore this watch on his wedding day and my mother stashed it away ever since.  Like I mentioned before, I do have the certificate/maintenance/warranty booklet but unfortunately the presentation box has been lost over the years.  My grandmother told me it was a beautiful box.

So I was hoping for three pieces of information:
1.  Any information about the history of this watch.  Caliber info.
2.  I've never owned a watch this old before.  Should I have it maintained even if I won't ever wear it?
3.  What is the most reliable way to get a watch like this appraised?  I'm not selling it but I'd like to know what it's worth.

Once again, thank you in advance for your responses.

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