VC Harmony Collection - Beautiful


I cannot wait to have the pleasure of seeing this collection in person one day.

I especially love the Tourbillon Chronograph.

I wonder what other 'Grand Complications' may come in the future from this

beautiful collection?

Imagine a Harmony Astronomica piece! ;)


Tommy, I hope I get to see the Harmony collection soon as well. I think
04/07/2015 - 10:30

the Tourbillon Chronograph is the least successful of the Harmony designs as of now. The chronograph counter overlaps the tourbillon cage and the left side of the dial looks a bit odd empty.  Very unlike VC design. Nevertheless, the movement is amazing.  I think the Monopusher chronograph, the Split Seconds chronograph, and the Dual-Time ladies model are the most successful designs so far.

I would like to see something very simple with the Harmony. Maybe a time-only chronometre or time only with power-reserve etc.  

I have to yet see the Dual Time to make up my mind, but think it looks better as a ladies model.

Also I cannot wait to see the (I know it will happen - the too be launched - my guess) mens chronograph with revised Lemania 1142. The ladies version looks cool; wonder what the men's version will look like.


Re: Tommy, I hope I get to see the Harmony collection soon as well. I think
04/07/2015 - 19:57

I would have to see the collection in person but I can agree with you on the unbalanced dial of the Tourbillon model.

I do love the split chronograph as well very much and if I could only have one, it would more than likely be this.

I would reallylike to see VC do somethiing outside of a 'Chronograph' complication in this collection. I find the case quite

harmonius and poetic so that is why I would like to see them do a 'Astronomica' grand complication design ... to integrate

into this beautiful case. I saw a beautiful sketch of the harmony case in one of VC design films and the drawing showed the case

looking quite thick ... which I liked. I think this case looks as good thicker as it does thin because VC have got the lines and design

just right. Love their work.