VC Malte Dual Time Regulator

It is that time of year and I have been reviewing my collection. I am in need of a Regulator and would appreciate fellow members' thoughts on this very beautiful and interesting piece. I know very little about the history or movement, please help me fill in my knowledge gaps. Best regards, Tim
Hi Tim!
03/31/2007 - 23:21

Best watch I have ever had !

Before that watch it was a Speedmaster Moon watch,

that I always wore, now my son wears it.

It's Cal. 1206 RDT, which is developed from a Frédéric Piguet 1160.

Each watch is COSC certified !

So it's not just an ordinary dual time,

it's a chronometer, which you can see on the dial.

65 hours reserve time, which is very good.

Officer's back, which you can open and then you see.

I have had the DTR for two years as my most used watch,

as a matter of fact it's actaully at my wrist right now :-)

Above a shot on the wrist, as new and also below.

Amd finally with some scars, after two years wear, as you can see on the left side,

That is only a confirmation of use !

Works like a clock, which means it goes + 1 to +3 seconds every day,

and that's over 2 years, is an amazing result.

In my business where you not should be seen looking at your watch,

it's marvellous with the big minute hand.

It's a watch I would recommend to anyone, 

who appreciate a first class Vacheron Constantin.

An always working watch, for daily use !

And I have one or two more VC's !

Go for it!

Cheers  Doc 

Re: Hi Tim!
03/31/2007 - 23:33
Thanks Doc! I really appreciate such a great review and the pictures are really excellent. I was already heading down the road to purchase but now I am moving even faster. I am a White Gold guy but your alloy looks mighty nice too. I think Alex will even approve of the lugs! I also want to thank you for all your contributions and your true afficianado lifestyle. Best regards, Tim
there's an excellent review of the Malte DTR in
04/01/2007 - 17:49

the June 2001 issue of Watchtime. One thing that impressed me the most in the article was the fantastic regulation of the watch tested: +2 seconds/day on the Witschi machine and an amazing +1 sec/day on the wrist!!

Keep us posted Tim on what you decide

Re: there's an excellent review of the Malte DTR in
04/01/2007 - 23:03
Alex, thanks for the research advice, I will check it out. The accuracy of this watch amazed me the uniqueness and for a traveler like me, a real second time indicator in such a perfect display. I am smitten as you can tell. Oh, and the lugs, they are most interesting but that is for another afficianado, far beyond my expertise to discuss! Thank you all, Tim
Great watch Doc
04/01/2007 - 16:11
My dealer showed me a version in white gold when I bought my Patrimony Contemporaine, and it really didn't catch my eye at all! But it really comes to life in a non-white gold. I wonder if they'll make this in a Rose Gold? I love VC's rose gold tone - very coppery. Again, another beautiful watch in your collection. Cheers
aRG limited edition piece exists with an anthracite dial (nt)
04/01/2007 - 17:51


Re: Great watch Doc
04/01/2007 - 22:09

Go for it!

It will be an everyday watch,

that you can't live without!

If it have had chrongraph,

I should have sold a great amount of watches :-)

But it's very smoothe at your wrist,

nearly a dress watch actually,

you have to try (buy) it, to feel that :-)



Re: Re: Great watch Doc
04/02/2007 - 03:43
Thanks Doc, I am on the hunt, which for me is also part of the pleasure. It will be mine, just a matter of time. Of course. Best and thanks, Tim
Re: Great watch Doc
04/05/2007 - 14:53

Thanks for your kind words,'

but since you and I have the same taste,

I appreciate it veery Much :-