VC Malte Tonneau vs Breguet Heritage

Hello everyone!

Please advice me to make a choice between two models:

Breguet Heritage Big Date 5480bb/12/996

Vacheron Constantin Malte Tonneau 42008/000g-9060

What would be your choice and why? VC Malte Tonneau vs Breguet Heritage

You mean these two?
02/09/2008 - 15:25

Interesting choices. It really depends on what you like, a watch with day/date complication (Malte) or a Big Date (Breguet)? Automatic (Malte) or Manual (Breguet)?

TheBreguet is more classical and the Malte is more contemporary.

Since you asked I'll give my opinion :

I'm not a fan of the Malte Tonneau Day/Date  I find that it's eaither too much or not enough if you see what I mean so obviously I would go for the Breguet which looks more balanced.

However, if your choice was between the Malte Chrono in steel with grey dial and the Breguet I would have gone for the Malte!!

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I think that the Malte Tonneau feature aesthetic elements which still
02/09/2008 - 16:15

make the watch recognizable as a Vacheron whereas the Heritage has all the Breguet elements but put together they just don't add up to being truly Breguet.

Just my 2c.... and welcome to the Lounge :-)

depends on what you look for in a watch...
02/09/2008 - 15:52
first of all you need to answer a fundamental question: what kinda watch do I want? VC Royal Eagle can be -dependant on a model - either a sports watch (Chronograph), sporty elegant (Day & Date) or elegant watch (Dual Time). While Breguet Heritage (recently seen on my friend's wrist) just falls into the elegant category. Another issue at hand is: do you care for the material your watch's case is made out of? VC Malte Tonneau offers a wide variety of case materials from stainless steel to 18K gold both white and yellow as well as rose gold in case of the Dual Time and US Chrono LE models. Breguet in that respect (hope I'm not wrong) is only made in 18K gold. Third point you need to take into consideration: what functions do I look for in a watch? Is it simple time and date mode or more complicated dual time or chronogaph... Fourth question: bracelet or leather/rubber strap? You have a choice with VC while Breguet only comes with a strap Last but not least, there is a matter of aesthetics: a matter of personal taste and likes/dislikes (i.e. grey dial or guilloche dials and so on)... Tough choice? I personally own a VC Malte Tonneau Chronograph grey dial and brown strap. Today I would go for US Limited Edition Chronograph with no second thought :-)))
If you want a modern tonneau
02/09/2008 - 17:22

go for the Malte if you want a classical tonneau rather than the Breguet I would go for the VC 1912

Re: VC Malte Tonneau vs Breguet Heritage
02/10/2008 - 18:17

This is all personal taste, I'm afraid.

I have a Breguet tonneau chronograph, same case as the one pictured which I enjoy tremendously.

I find the Breguet tonneau proportions the most pleasing (personally). I've never been a fan of the VC1912 for a number of reasons, again all personal.

I also own a GP tonneau Perpertual which also has a beautiful tonneau shape and a VC tonneau tourbillion. The Malte case is exquisite as is the movement. I also have a Chopard (3.96) tonneau...beautiful dial and case but a little wider than the other three and not quite as esthetically pleasing, but quite lovely nevertheless.

I almost bought a Breguet Big Date, but preferred the Chrono at the time.

All have terrific movements, so it comes down to which you find attracts you the most. You can always buy both!