VC Overseas Anniversary 2016


I am very excited at the thought of what VC may do with the Overseas collection for the 20th Anniversary in 2016.

Having read in the forum that Alex quoted "a change in the sport watch line-up with more than a novelty, in short: new overseas, with some further surprises. Apropos of that and due to a particular feature one of this new model  will have, which Alex shared with us, I’m confident  it’s going to be very welcomed by the collectors’ community and laymen also"

It got me thinking ... I would like to see a 'Grand Complication' Overseas with beautiful finishing ... possibly a tourbillon or minute repeater?

Would the Overseas collection allow this? 

I would be interested to hear on what we could expect ... a new case design?



I love haute horlogerie complications in a sporty case and would love to see a tourbillon in
03/31/2015 - 09:56

the Overseas case but I don't think it will happen.... but there will be some nice surprises, even with the current Overseasdevil

Re: I love haute horlogerie complications in a sporty case and would love to see a tourbillon in
03/31/2015 - 14:46

Come on Alex, just tell us already.  I know you live in the design department!!!!

Re: Re: I love haute horlogerie complications in a sporty case and would love to see a tourbillon in
04/02/2015 - 18:49

Alex, are you able to share with us any hints as to what we could expect with the evolution of the OS?

I am hoping for something quite different and surprising to the current model.

Perhaps the 'concept' OS model? Innovation and exploration in VC aesthetic?

I would like to see the OS concept piece... Something that pushes the boundries perhaps?


What I would like to see is a new OS in SS with time only movement
03/31/2015 - 10:32

and date with in-house automatic and transparent caseback - perhaps the most handsome and versatile 'sports' watch ever. And obviously followed by a chrono and dual time, whatever they come up with etc.

Maybe the new OS could get a toned-down version of the new Harmony Dual-Time movement - Caliber 2460 DT.

For many the OS is entry into the world of VC, and this should be maintained. Grandcomplication OS's can come later.

I am eagerly waiting for 2016 OS. I do want a VC OS as my next everyday watch.

an overseas is meant for travel and adventure...
03/31/2015 - 16:23

So I think a world timer is very logical. I have posted a mock up, so I expect Alex to deliver. I also think a non-Metiers star wheel movement would be very cool. Some kind of silver engraving on the dial, perhaps? Or maybe even move the iconic ship from the case back to an engraved relief on the dial and give it a sphere back to show off the new in house movement?  Ah, speculation is great. Just please don't give it smart watch features. Let the lesser brands in the Richemont family chase that fad. 

Overseas ambiguity
03/31/2015 - 19:28

Often considered the heir of the 222, to my humble opinion, the Overseas doesn't need to be dignified with such heritage, nor it can be reconducted simply to that ancestor.

Its primariness comes from the different approach taken by its project: it's a 360° sport watch (soft iron case, waterproof) and more, its design is unique, given the toothed wheel. already present in the 222 but, reproducing the Maltese cross. This change in the bezel makes the Overseas so unmistakably Vacheron, it's like a trademark.

If VC thought like automotive brands, should replicate that bezel into each model of its product lines.

But the Overseas is also the heir of  the 222 that is a dress watch masked like a sport watch.

Overseas' nature is ambiguous and open to different reinterpretations.

Which path will be followed in the future? Why not both? devil

Just a little suggestion, although not requested, the Overseas crhono is the star of the current line - imo and that's due its proportions. Try to make the time-only smaller and thinner and see what happens cool

Sorry for my silly considerations, whatever the result, I'm going to be an Overseas fan, always and forever heart




A smaller, thinner time-only OS
04/01/2015 - 03:37

sounds like more ingredients from the recipe of the 222, along with a vendor's movement angel.  Kidding aside, I think your position is that the Overseas does not need to draw provenance or credibility from the 222 and I agree completely.  It has already survived longer than its progenitor; soon to see a 3rd generation and inhouse caliber.  Long may it reign!


Ha-ha, true!
04/01/2015 - 23:09

But then this novelty would soon become a fierce competitor for the Royal Oak and the Nautilus while the current Overseas is not, due to its different nature.

In short, in my imagination (probably just that laugh) VC had the Daytona (and/or generally speaking the oysters) as its reference model, when it started projecting the Overseas.

This "new Overseas" (or just an appendix of its line, especially at its beginning, considering its potential and the options it will be capable to offer if welcomed by the market) maybe will be able (since it has been conceived for that) to throw the gauntlet down on a totally different scenario/competition.


Re: VC Overseas Anniversary 2016
08/05/2015 - 01:43
I hope the new 2016 VC Overseas will be completely new from the current 42mm OS. 39-40mm, inhouse Geneva seal movement and new design based on 42042 with some elements from 222 and texture blue sun - ray dial (no Arabic numbers please) will be superb. It will be the same league as AP RO 15202 and PP 5711. I hope VC make nice inhouse 3 hands + date movement for the OS with long power reserver (60h+), crewed balance wheel, balance bridge not cock, gold/platinum rotor, hacking with no play or jump (ap 3120).... Looking forward to 2016 OS with my 42042.
you definately know what you want :-)
08/05/2015 - 11:20