VC overseas dual time authenticity check question.

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I am new here and this is my first post. This is a great website and thank you all for sharing the informative information.
Someone give my father a SS VC overseas dual time and he wants to give it to me cuz he thinks the watch is too cold to wear in the winter. I want to ask how to check if the watch is real or fake without open the case. I compared pictures of VC websites with some websites those carries replicas. The result I found is that no websites have the picture of SS VC overseas dual time and most pictures are the overseas basic model and chronograph model. It seems to me is that the only way to tell the watch is real or fake is to see the back case of the watch. The boat on the real SS overseas dual time back case is kind bumped out rather than flat boat picture on the fake watch. Also the boat on the back of the real watch shows some drawing of cannons or something rather than the empty flat boat on the fake watch. I will be glad to share some pictures of my watch when my new camera is available in the end of January. So, is there any other way to check the watch is real or fake or the only option is to open the case to see the movement?

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12/31/2009 - 10:25
should read Shady Joe's Guide to Spotting a Fake VC click here to see the post A photo is necessary as to be set; however you can also go to a VC retailer and have a look at the Overseas Dual Time and compare the look and heft with your watch.
Thank you Alex, I will have pics posted later
01/01/2010 - 11:47
Thank you Alex, I will have pics posted later