VC Overseas Service Questions, Difficult?

On a VC Overseas (the Chronometer Date/Time only version), what is the cost for a regular service by Vacheron? And how long is the waiting period? What all does the service cover?  Can one elect to skip over the refinishing of the bracelet and case during servicing (either to reduce the service cost, and/or retain the worn character-building look)?

OK, now here is the big question.  What about having other watchmakers, outside of Authorized VC watchmakers, repair or service the watch?  Now, I know VC does not recommend this and would void the watch if still under warranty.   But, if you are in a hurry to have it serviced, and in an area/country with no VC reps and dont' want to wait around to have it serviced, how easy is it to do?  Now I realize that we are dealing with a more simple and common modified JLC movements inside.  Maybe this is a big plus to having the JLC movement?   Basic service/repair to me, would most likley be having to relubricate, regulate, and possibly worst case scenario fix a broken spring?  Also, this may keep the repair cost down.  (again, I know the official word from VC is to only have a VC authorized rep do the work,  Rolex says the same, but we all know there are many watchmakers out there who do as good of job, if not better, than Rolex in repairing/servicing a Rolex at a fraction of the cost)

I know several good watchmakers in Southeast Asia that fix and repair watches in general, so curious how feasible it would be for them to work on a VC if push came to shove (know I should ask them, but no email contact with them). 


some quick answers
10/09/2007 - 20:05

I gotta run but to answer your questions rapidyly:

- The price of servicing depends on what needs to be done and may vary

- the time it can take can also vary depending on the service center of your country

- servicing consists of lubricating, changing of parts where need be, regulating, testing and refurbishment of case and bracelet but if you don't want the latter it's not a problem.

- any good watchmaker can service any watch, just make sur the person servicing the watch is a good watchmaker and not someone who is just used to changing batteries!

Re: VC Overseas Service Questions, Difficult?
10/09/2007 - 23:17

Lets say you call and get a price quote from VC today, 10/9/07.

7-8 yrs from now you decide to have the watch serviced, will the price stay the same?

I don't know. When the time comes I'll let VC service my watches, and refinish the bracelet also.

A local guy may be able to regulate, pressure test and so forth, but the finishing is best left to VC, IMO.

Re: Re: VC Overseas Service Questions, Difficult?
10/10/2007 - 00:46

Alex and GC, thanks for the feedback!

Yes, I like the JLC movement in the OS!  Got some feedback as well, from some other forums that they make goos reliable calibers, and pretty common to service.

Yes, GC, of course the price now will not be the same 7 years down the road.   But, I would assume the price would be more of a increase due to inflation, etc..  So having an idea of what a watch cost to be serviced now gives one a good idea.  For example, a complete service from Rolex will run about $500.   Now, a review several years ago had VC complete, including refinishing of the case at $750.  So lets say it is now running $1000, that gives me a good idea.  I do think that servicing is an important consideration when contemplating buying a watch.  Just like buying a car, service cost, insurance, etc... all go into the factors when you look at a car to buy, unless you are so rich (I wish I was) that it did not matter.